WTS: C3>HS Wormhole. Perfect PI + structures

The wormhole is a C3 with a Highsec static. Perfect for an industrial operation or an isk faucet system. The wormhole includes:

Perfect PI
Fully Fit Azbel
Fully Fit Raitaru
Fully Fit Athanor
All Customs Offices

7 Bil OBO

Interested parties or anyone who has questions please contact me via forums or in-game.

Hello, will the custom offices be in my control?
Also what level of activities in the wormhole?

As one who lives in a w-system like this one, i can tell you that its perfect for a small corp. You can build a rorqual, roll the whs and do some mining in peace. You can also make some serious isk from PI.

As all the w-space, sometimes it has traffic, sometimes it is quiet. Ours now for example only has one signature left, the static wh. Yesterday it had 4 whs. We closed them all easily with 4 praxises and the rorqual for cover on our side.

What i like most about it is the fact that we have all the advantages of null and we are always one jump from hisec. Makes logistics a breeze.

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Yes of course. I will transfer them with the purchase of the system and structures.

eve mail send :slight_smile:

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