WTB Empty C2 or C4 Wormhole

I’m going on vacation until the 26th, but after I get back my corp and I will be moving into a wormhole. We’ve found ourselves a nice candidate but we’re still keeping an eye out for a better hole in case we find one before then. If you think you might have one for us, drop me a line with the J#######, asset details & price.

In order of priority, we’re looking for:

  • C2 system with low-sec/high-sec/C2/C3/C4 statics only
    • OR a C4 system with a combination of C2/C3/C5 statics.
  • No Upwell Structures or active POS towers.
  • Wormhole Effect Preference: Pulsar > Red Giant > Black Hole > Wolf Rayet > Vanilla > Cataclysmic (No Magnetars).
  • Small System (less than 20 AU from sun to outer planet.
  • 3-10 moons (the fewer the better).
  • Good PI (6+ planets, can make all components for fuel).

We’re willing to negotiate for some assets but we’re not interested in purchasing capitals or structures except for the POCOs if you own them.

Hey, is this still up?

I have J141055 for sale. C4->C5/C2. Vanilla, completely empty.
Pretty MEH in all aspects. I reckon you already have a better one, but I might as well try.

I have a C2 Wolf Rayet J103839

-HS and C3 Static - http://www.ellatha.com/eve/WormholeSystemview.asp?key=103839
-Can do T4 PI - https://www.eveplanets.com/eve/system/index/?show=j103839
-Comes with POCOs
-Comes with fully fitted, fueled, and armed Astrhaus
-Comes with a Deep Safe BM over 30 AU outside normal warp limits

-We have to finish moving our stuff out
-It doesn’t exactly fit your AU parameters
-There are 11 moons

We will basically be selling this wormhole to you in a turn-key fashion and if you desire you can call in my corp to help defend it the first time it becomes needed for you.

Price 8 Bil (open to negotiation)
It will be ready by: Sept 16th

William Darrell

Doh! I would’ve been all over this but sadly we already moved. Thanks for the offer though.

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I am interested, pm me ingame.

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