WTB C4 with C2 or C3 statics


(John Rossworth) #1

Im looking to buy an empty c4 wormhole with c2 or c3 statics as the title mentions.

Looking for one where I can get the pocos or one with just NPC pocos. Preferably no effects or black hole. Also preferably a larger variety of planets.

Will offer 500 mil starting.

(vendetta Anstian) #2

I got a C4 with a C4-C3 static, really good planets, good number of moons but I havn’t surveyed them for mining. Got 2-3 random pocos from a corp that disbanded a long time ago. No PoS or structures in sight.

It is a magnetar though, which is the best for farming with missiles. Let me know if you interested.

(system) #3

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