WTB C2 with HS/C3 static


(Kam Kanno) #1

I am in the market for a new wormhole. As the title states, I’m looking for a c2 preferably without the effects, but will entertain offers with effects. I also need it to have a highsec, and a c3 static.
mail me with price if you find one!

(Duke Paradox) #2

Hi Kam,
I have a C4 with C3/2 Statics if you’re interested.

(Kam Kanno) #3

i’m too small time for a c4 atm. I’m hoping for a c2 with a c3/hs static.

(Duke Paradox) #4

Nonsense my man. Fortune favors the bold. This C4 is perfect. You have good isk for a small group coming out of the C3 and you get good chains through the C2. Both have K-space connections all day everyday.

Let me know if you change your mind.

(Kam Kanno) #5

still looking

(Crystal Page) #6

I have a C2 static HS/C4 with no effects. The entire system can be d-scanned from a single location which makes it a safer hole. Let me know.

(Kam Kanno) #7

already that a wormhole like that. im looking for a c2 with a c3/hs

(Provagus Great) #8

Are you interested?

(Kam Kanno) #9

yes, asking price?

(system) #10

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