WTB c2 or c1 wormhole

I want buy no effect c2 or c1 wormhole
Price is negotiable

With or without Structures?

I’ll get you entry to J213111 for 500M. It’s really nice for a C2.

What specifics are you looking for besides no effect ? You want it for PI or gas huffing etc ??
Pm me as i may be able to help

I have a c2 with static c3 and hs with an Citadel in it for a good price

C2 with C1 / hisec static.
Fortizar (with fit)
Capitals (dreads and carriers )
9 of the 12 pocos (iirc)
Pretty good PI

Something like this of interest ??

J115823 C1 with HS(N110) Static
Astrahus in place

Let me know if you are interested

C2 with static hisec and c4 J164130
This of any interest ?

So has the OP found a wh and not closed it or just left the game or ???

I have a c2 with a c2 and lowsec static for sale

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