[WTB] C2 or C3 WH with HS-Static

(Nicolas Kion) #1

As said in the title I am looking for a wormhole with these properties:

Must have:

  • C2 or C3
  • HighSec-Static

Nice to have:

  • Fortizar
  • Magnetar or Pulsar-Effect
  • additional capital ships

if all conditions are met I am willing to pay up to 15b ISK

(Marcus Adheart) #2

I have a C1 with 30+ Moons Athanor, Raitaru and Astra for sale. I own 3/10 and the remaining POCOS have 0% tax rate.



(Jay AndSilentbob) #3
(The Sinn) #4

Hello im selling my WH

take a look :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Kion) #5

bump <3

(Nicolas Kion) #6


(Nicolas Kion) #7

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(Nicolas Kion) #8

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(Nicolas Kion) #9


(Explorer Girl) #10

C2 with C1 and Hisec statics
Comes with 10 of the 11 poco’s
Fitted and fueled Fortizar
Carrier + Dreads
Great PI

Drop me an offer if interested

(Ecco Zero) #11

WTS Empty C2 ( HS & C3Statics)… cheap entry popint exists now