WTS C2 C3/HS static's + Astrahus

Includes an Astrahus with cloning bay and fuel in it to avoid the hassle of anchoring. Few dead poses, pocos are abandoned.

Auction starting at 2 bil .


any effect?

No effect

give you 1.3 bill right now

was that a 2.3 typo? since the bid is starting at 2bil

Wrote you ingame, could be interested - write me there. :slight_smile:

Kind regards

I’d offer 1B right now, but i’d also like the Jnumber in advance.

Not sure what you mean by offering 1bil when the starting bid is 2bil …

I’ll offer 2.2B - Quick Isk- Whats the JSig though?



i offer you 1b

thx for the offer but you will need to extend to 2.2 minimum

I’d be willing to go to 1.2B, it’s not worth going any higher.



1.4b isk ready now


1.5 BIL