WTS C2 C3/HS static's + Astrahus


(Nyr3n) #1

Includes an Astrahus with cloning bay and fuel in it to avoid the hassle of anchoring. Few dead poses, pocos are abandoned.

Auction starting at 2 bil .

[WTB] C2 or C3 WH with HS-Static
WTB C2 or C1
(Nyr3n) #2


(Pineapple Squirt) #3

any effect?

(Nyr3n) #4

No effect

(nastyn8t) #5

give you 1.3 bill right now

(Nyr3n) #6

was that a 2.3 typo? since the bid is starting at 2bil

(Dantes Wolf) #7

Wrote you ingame, could be interested - write me there. :slight_smile:

Kind regards

(Peta Chieve) #8

I’d offer 1B right now, but i’d also like the Jnumber in advance.

(Nyr3n) #9

Not sure what you mean by offering 1bil when the starting bid is 2bil …

(Basil Matori) #10

I’ll offer 2.2B - Quick Isk- Whats the JSig though?

(Nyr3n) #11


(Nyr3n) #12


(Low Tier Poster) #13

i offer you 1b

(Nyr3n) #14

thx for the offer but you will need to extend to 2.2 minimum

(Peta Chieve) #15

I’d be willing to go to 1.2B, it’s not worth going any higher.

(Low Tier Poster) #16


(Peta Chieve) #17


(MagicSAT) #18

1.4b isk ready now

(Low Tier Poster) #19


(The Sinn) #20

1.5 BIL