WTS C2 Static HS/C4 incl. astra, poco's and 2 bowheads

I’m offering a C2 wormhole with a HS and C4 static. I have an astrahus in the wormhole at the moment which also has 2 bowhead freighters inside you can use as a suitcase if needed. The hole is currently free of dead sticks and all poco’s are owned by me. The hole has a Red Giant effect.

In the following link you can see which planets there are etc:


Looking for 2.5 bil+ (total value is way over this so). I want half upfront…after this you’ll get entrance to the hole. After the other half i’ll transfer the astra and poco’s. Please reply in this thread or mail me ingame.

Gonna wait 1 week from now for bids :slight_smile:

ill offer u 2.5 b

Sure was hoping for more but can do that :slight_smile:
Mail me ingame with the character name you’re gonna contact me with and suggest a time for the trade (i’m in the EU tz so if you cant make that then maybe the weekend is an option).

is it just the WH ur seling or all what u mentioned?

No selling everything i mentioned, so the hole itself + astrahus + 2 bowheads + poco’s.

Still open for bids :slight_smile:

did u build the bowheads inside the wh ?

Yes the bowheads were built inside the hole. They are too big to bring in through a wormhole.

Gonna unachor the astra tomorrow since i need to the isk for a new adventure so still taking bids till DT tomorrow!

For the future buyers: (due to blocking all of my communication ingame)
Re: wh
From: TheRighteousOne
Sent: 2019.02.05 20:33
To: Ash Donai,

Which part of the MINIMUM price did you not understand ?!?
If you think 2.25 bil is a good deal your an idiot!

Let me sum up what you could have gotten if you just payed the 2.5bil like i asked:

  • Astrahus : 830m
  • Standup cloning service : 240m
  • Fuel : 50m
  • 2x Bowhead : 965m each so 1930m
  • 7 upgraded customs office : 145m each so 1015m total
  • the wormhole : 250m (i payed 500m for it when i bought it though)

Total sum: 4.315b

So if you still think your low ball offers were a good deal then ■■■■ off and go pay for it yourself you idiot!

As a lack on respect, your total inability to communicate i hearby retract my offer.
I wish u good luck in your future endeavour in 0.0

Ash Donai

In case you didn’t pick that up from email you can retract all you want coz i’m done selling it to you lol.
But good job hiding all the rest of the communication where you disrespect my minimum price not once but twice after i’ve told you nicely the first time.

Dear Mr. TheRighteousOne

It is not my fault that u are unable to communicate in a respectful manner! Also stated that you call me an idiot and to f*ck off is kindly noted!

As for now i will suspend all communication with you, reason for that, i will refuse to lower my level of respect towards other players.

Some kind advice from a concerning player, seek help for your anger management and to hone your communication skills.

Kind regards,
Ash Donai

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