WTB C2 or C1

Interested in buying a C2 or C1 with a C2or C3 static.
Prefer no effect and good PI

There are so many empty C2 and C1 that you should just go find one and save yourself some money.

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C1 Wh for Sale selling this let me know if interested

join iiar pub to chat

im currently selling my c2 with static c3/hs it already got an citadel in it so you wont need to put it yourself

I’m new, so I don’t understand the mechanics- why does someone need to buy a wormhole, can’t they just go in and take one?

Also, if you do own a wormhole- what stops another party from moving in (possibly by force).

Most WH’s are occupied :slight_smile: finding an empty one is the dificulty.

people are lazy and prefer buying them instaid of spending days finding for a empty one

Selling a clean C2 Pulsar (HS/C3).
Message me ingame or on forums if interested.

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