Wormhole Hunter. I'll search your Home

Hello there!!

I am a wormhole explorer.
I scan many systems every day. Maybe one of those systems is the one you’re looking for.
Let me know what kind of wormhole you are looking for and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Offers and reasonable prices.

Fly safe!! Kyor Omen

Here I bump!!

LF C5 Red Giant with static to c2/c3/c5 or c6 doesn’t matter. contact me if u find empty

C2, C3 no effect needed, but wolf rayet would be nice. High sec Static. Contact me pls if you find an empty one

I’m looking wormhole - J151429 - C3 - Static low.
I can pay for that 500 Plex (1 month subscription)

i look for wormhole j120338 or j151518

Let me know if you find J114441.

c3 wolf rayet low sec static

C2 with C5 and NS statics

C4 ls static
C4 NS static
C3 ls/ns static
C2 ls/ns static
Without active citadel or pos

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