WTS Lots of wormholes!

J104948 - C4 Cataclysmic Variable with C1 and C5 statics. No Structures besides two dead POS sticks and third-party POCOs. Looking for 300 million.

J144530 - C1 with LS static, third party POCOs with 5% tax rate. Great for PI or a quiet wormhole to get your feet wet. (It’s a super quiet wormhole as of posting it has 46 anomalies).

J170558 - C2 Blackhole with C2 and LS statics. 10% tax rate on 3rd party POCOs and three dead POS sticks. This is another great quiet PI hole or low-class krab hole!

J221855 - C4 Magnetar with C3 and C4 statics. 1% Tax rate on POCOs. This is probably my best find yet and I’m asking for 500 350 million.

Entertaining all offers and willing to negotiate, mostly just trying to do this to get a little isk on the side of my exploration. Also willing to keep an eye out for certain J#'s or types of holes so contact me if that’s something you’re interested in.

Added some more holes I found

still for sale!

Have had potential interest in J144530, buy it before it’s sold!

daily bump


bump again, still for sale!

bumping again

Still available?

Yeah, which one you interested in?

Used Rhys Andrard’s service and bought a wormhole. Quick and clean transaction, would 100% recommend!

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