Wormholes for Sale

Got a couple wormholes for sale I’ve found in my travels. :slight_smile: If you’re interested in one, send an in-game mail to Arathaert Dunedain.

J123828 - Class 1
Nice little hole with a HS static. Five dead POS sticks and 5% POCOs. Lots of gas here at the moment, too, and the planets are perfect for producing your own coolant for fuel blocks. Plus, everything’s visible on one dscan. Comes with safe spot bookmarks. Asking 300mil.

J204221 - Class 2
Super quiet C2 with C2 & Low Sec statics. It’s empty except for a single dead Minmatar POS and 10% POCOs. There are 30 combat anomalies in there at the moment worth around 400mil ISK. Comes with safe spot bookmark & bookmark on the POS. Asking for 400mil+anomaly value (800mil atm).

J205412 - Class 3
C3 with a single High Sec static. Empty except for two dead POSes and 3% POCOs. Comes with safe spot bookmark & bookmarks on the POSes. Asking 400mil.

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Bumping to update with new holes. :slight_smile:

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