ENL Wormhole Sales

Hi guys thought I’d put up an ad advertising selling in locations to vacant wormholes (No active structures). We don’t seed holes to sell unless they are exceptionally good so anything under 3-4 bil listings you will need to get in fast

Mail “Noragen Neirfallas” for any questions or requests

J222222 Anoik.is Currently for sale 2 bil

Anoik.is Rare blue star system for sale today! Great indy hole. 2B for entrance warp in. Contact me ingame or via mail if interested


message send

I need low class w NS static

May have found something for you I’ll chuck a seed in mail me if you haven’t found something yet

Selling Anoik.is C2 C2/LS Statics with perfect PI. Comes with POCO’s and Astrahus fully fit. 6B


Surprisingly this one is still for sale

Under offer now

Another Rare Blue Sun WH Perfect for Indy. Anoik.is
2.5B for entrance Half up front half on delivery

And Sold

Got me a C1 I needed - Would recommend! o7

http://anoik.is/systems/J234557 For sale. C2 with C3/HS. No online structures

Anoik.is For Sale. C2 with C3/HS. Magnetar. 2.5bil for entrance

Anoik.is And another C3 with Blue star and HS static access to all P4’s. 4Bil for entry. Mail in game

J100357 for sale. 500 mil for entry. C4 with 4/5 statics

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