Lux's wormholes emporium

Welcome to Lux’s emporium. Feel free to browse our collection of wormholes while my assistant pours you a glass.

  • Third party can be used at buyer’s expense
  • All holes are devoid of structures
  • We provide an anchoring service for 4b + expenses
  • Sales include spiced wine and dancers

Contact me or join our channel Lux-Public for additionnal information

Wolf Rayet C5 > C5 / C6

Vanilla C2 > C3 / HS (500m)

Vanilla C3 > HS (500m)

Black hole C2 > C2 / LS (500m)
Good raiding base for small gang pvp and explorers
All pocos at 10% tax

Vanilla C3 > LS (500m)

Vanilla C3 > LS (500m)

Yo, what’s good on that J220832?
Any info on the tax rate for the other 4 planet poco’s??

New holes on sale

Is that wh still for sale ?

It is. Send me a mail IG so we can discuss business.

Interess on a C2 with NS Static if you find one. Mail me InGame.

I’ll keep an eye out.

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Sent you evemail 1 min ago

C3 with LS, 112905 still available?

how much for the c2 with c3 and highsec static

Looking for a C3 with High or Low Sec static, one with great PI

I might be interested mail me

Vanilla C2 > C3 / HS (500m)

is this still open to buy?

Looking at the Vanilla C2 > C3 / HS** (500m) if it is still avalible

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