Industry in wormhole space?


Just a quick question I’ve recently thought about joining a corp I’m primarily a industry orientated character with some pvp skills looking to get more experience in both,

I’ve tried the Null space living setup for a while sometime ago but always was interested in Wormhole space.

So my question… what’s doing industry in a wormhole system like?

It seems rather nightmarish. You have access to Gas, which is nice, but the indy’s I work with can rarely source enough of it from inside the wormhole and end up needing to haul it in from a hub. That said, we’re in a c2 at the moment so it’s very possible that high-class life is a horse of a different color.

Mineral anomalies are nice and tend to last awhile even for a group of about 15 active characters. Moons are supposed to be getting better in price, and the PI is nice. It’s hard to just buy jita/ haul it home though, Wingspan likes to camp out in and around the Jita hub so you usually need to roll the connection off if you get one within 4 of Jita, meaning that you may have to rely on buy orders in other hubs to sustain yourself. Similar issues can arise for selling, you may spend a long time without a Jita connection to offload your goods.

All that said, it seems that the Indy’s in the hole are turning a tidy profit, but they’ve been doing this for literal years and a lot of the chain is automated in terms of buy/build/sell suggestions

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