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I’ve been enjoying the industry aspect of the game over the past several years. At the moment I have three accounts with 6 characters dedicated toward industry production. The other 3 characters on the accounts are dedicated to pvp.

Overall, industry is way more enjoyable than running missions (though I have an optimized mission setup that grinds level 4s well enough, it is mindnumbing). I would prefer to keep advancing in this profession and one possible direction is to join up with a corp/alliance and produce for them. My main question here, is what is the benefit of joining up with others? Is it worthwhile to move my industry operation into null/low with a particular group of folks?

To further explain my 6 characters (industry):
Chars1-3, decent subcap industry with science skills all around level 4ish, getting a bit deeper for T3 production
Char4, training up
Char5-6, slotted for training in the future, probably via multi-training certificates

Capital atm is around 25 bil dedicated toward industry, usually 1-4 billion liquid over the course of the week to redo jobs and so on.

Any opinions are appreciated, thanks.


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All depends, what are your goals, if building caps such as carriers, etc, are you’re ultimate goal then maybe.

I have my Indy characters too, finding a good fit is hard because most Corps in null/WH/low will still want you to PVP and that could be a problem as for me I don’t find PVP an enjoyable activity, PVE, Indy, yes.

I say a high sec Indy can be rewarding because you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulders and setting up tasks can take a while to set up, having others is cool but it needs to be people whom you can trust, basically an equal, other Indies who can also produce and make isk completely on their own, otherwise you might get a Corp theif, anyway been up for days with very little sleep, night.

I would invite you to our Corp, but looks like you are too much for us… we just aim to help new players into mining/ industry in highsec, also we under wardec from CODE, so a bit less activity from members for now as usual

Thanks all for the comments! I reached the same conclusions as well in that becoming a part of a larger industrial team results in the potential for increased risk without any improvement to the reward. That is, unless I’m wanting to truly hang out in null with my combat characters and build stuff out there to support the alliance and make isk. Of course there is always a positive for being able to play with a bunch of folks (imo EVE is not the best solo game, things get stale after awhile).

If anyone has any comments about low/null industry and how their experience was, please chime in.


As an industry player you need shared hangars and it will likely take a while to build the level of trust before a corp is willing to grant the level of access you need to work efficiently.

I moved half my characters to Providence for a couple of years and found the local markets too fragmented and thinly traded - I was shipping material in from highsec and finished goods back to highsec for sale - it made no sense so I moved back.

That was before the miracle in Delve - things may work differently there but, for now I’m quite happy with my current setup.

Cooperative industry is difficult in Eve - it’s a game not a job and real life obligations take precedence. It’s a lot easier to setup an ALT corp and work solo - though not necessarily more enjoyable.

Yea, the game vs. job is something that I try to distinguish in EVE as well. When I did PI, that turned into a job so to speak. In the end, I view industry as an ends to a means (making isk) to fund ship explosion pixels. It also scales nicely compare to level 4 missions with less grind overall, though managing build queues can be a bit annoying in mass.


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