Just a Few Quick Questions--Thanks in Advance!

I’m making another foray into Eve, and I wanted to ask a few questions:

I’m hoping to pursue a career as an industrialist. I plan to start out mining while I work into the manufacturing skills. I certainly have not been at it long, but my end goal is pursue industry in null-sec. Whether that’s as part of an alliance or otherwise, I haven’t decided.

What I need help with is:

  1. Should I stick to hi-sec until I’ve reached a certain skill point–i.e., until I can decently fit a mining barge?

  2. Should I try and join an alliance that controls some null-sec? I don’t mind PVP and recognize it’s a reality. I don’t particularly seek it out. If I had a choice, I’d rather be part of the supply chain. Is that going to work or is it a “need not apply” sort of thing.


I think you will be hard-pressed to make a go of it in either low or null-sec as a private industrialist without belonging to a larger group or alliance.

I would strongly recommend you join one of the null-sec alliances. You will have access to much richer resources (planets, moons, ore, salvage etc), can be part of the supply chain as you note, even at fairly low levels of skill, and there is a ready market for even T1 production - and probably guidance on what to build for alliance doctrines ahead of need. You’ll get access to some of the best specified industrial citadels available, making your production very efficient in time.

If you are willing to train into a logistics ship as many industrialists do, you can make a significant contribution to the defence of your alliance and might get added help and guidance.

You’ll also make lots of friends and EvE is not a pleasant game (for most) played solo.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, hi-sec can be far more dangerous to the friendless miner/industrialist. Hi-sec corporations are in the main, fairly useless as they get war-decced regularly, and tend not to know how to defend themselves of their assets.

Thanks! I really appreciate the advice.

I have no problem joining an alliance. I guess what I’m unclear on now is who–as I browse the recruitment forum, they all have SP requirements, or seem to anyway. I don’t blame them for that either.

My question is should I keep looking, or train up a bit?


Join Brave or Pandemic Horde or whatever large newbie friendly alliance to get to grips with things fast. Stay there only as long as you’re still learning and leave before being one of the masses makes you soft and weak.

Welcome back.


hi and welcome back to eve

if you really want go into indy you need others to split work so joining a corp/alliance is really important for that
if this is in HS, LS, NS or wH space is not that important … you can learn everywhere … that is is out of question

i am indy and i can buld everything in our HS/LS alliance (ok no super capitals but … i dont care)
so run into null sec is not really important … but for sure you can go there and there are some new and returning players friendly groups there i know
even with low skills its not a problem

just talk to them and make sure you get what you look for

there is a english recruitment channel … jump in and see what they offer
there should be a german and french channel too and some others


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