Best way to get into mining/industry?

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Played before in the past for a few months but never got into anything serious such as low sec or null. I’ve always been more into the mining/industry aspect of this game as this game is what you make of it. Can anyone link or tell me a good way to get into the mining/industry aspect of this game? Caldari player of that changes anything.

Much appreciated.

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Industry covers a lot of territory and Eve University has a good writeup on the various components.

For the most part, the supply side of the economy is behind the paywall. Alpha clones have very limited access to the industrial skills.

Beyond that, figure out how to make stuff that you use and sell it - your business will grow slowly as you learn the markets. As with most things in Eve, player skill is ultimately more important than character skill.


If you want to start with production I would recommend to get an original blueprint for some form of much used ammunition. (check the market for volumes traded to see what could work) Research that blueprint for more efficency and produce it.
But be aware that other players with better skills, more experience and more characters availabe will basically always be able to produce cheaper than you.
Especially with citadels this is more true than ever.

True, and this applies for basically any stable NullSec block. You will be able to mine better ore in NullSec, you likely will have access to citadels where you can produce very cheap and refine the ore you mined better. You might also be able to sell the things you produce right to the locals. Which spares you the trouble of shipping it back into HighSec to sell.

In HighSec, without your own engineering complex, you need to pay people fees do produce at theirs. If you have your own, you need to fuel it which costs ISK. It’s also likely that it gets attacked and you need to defend it, which can be even more pricey.
Oh, and Planetary Interaction is also much more efficient and usually cheaper in NullSec than in HighSec.

tl;dr: It makes a lot of sense to join the biggest stable NullSec block availabe to have the best preconditions for industry.


One comment that I would offer up by way of expectation management is that mining and industry, though tightly related, are very different from both an activity and skill perspective. Particularly when getting started, I would heartily suggest reading that article that @Do_Little posted.

My comments here are assuming Omega status.

Mining, by far, is the easiest one to have some level of success with since it is relatively accessible and easy to get into a barge fairly quickly. Once you get that down, you have the choice of how far down the rabbit hole you are going to go:

  1. Mine then sell the ore
  2. Mine and refine the ore and sell the minerals
  3. Mine the ore, refine the minerals, and use them in production

Obviously, each of those requires more skills and standings to optimize the results and profit. Finding a good corp with fleets, hauling, boosting, and refining facilities can help a lot here- but if you get into refining, there is quite a lot to train. Happily, there is overlap with some mining skills (such as the use of crystals), but it is a much longer path to go down.

Industry, specifically manufacturing, is quite a different beast and is deceptively complex depending on how far you go. One key thing to remember is that, for the most part, T1 mods and ships are not going to make much, if any, profit in a lot of cases. The money is to be found in T2 modules, but the complexity ramps up substantially for a number of reasons.

First, you need a lot more materials to build these items. In addition to basic minerals you will also need materials that come from Planetary Interaction (PI) and commodities made up of moon materials. It is extremely difficult for a single player to manage all of that solo, so having a good network of suppliers or a corp (with the right resources) to assist is almost required. Second, the skill tree also becomes a lot more complex as you will also need Science skills to research and invent T2 BPCs. More info can be found here:

Now, let me pause to say that I am not posting all of this to be discouraging. I just want to kick over all the rocks so you can see how deep this can go and how involved it can be. Better to know now than after sinking a bunch of time into training only to be hit with a whole other skill tree to train that you weren’t expecting :slight_smile:

Here’s my advice for getting started and seeing if this is for you.

Train into a mining barge. It will only take a few days at most depending on what you have already trained. Purchase some BPOs for some things that you personally use a lot of- ammo, drones, that kind of thing. This will be less about making money and more about saving money and hassle buying and moving those items for personal use. Next, find a contract for a BPC of a ship that you want to build to get a feel for building something bigger. Train the skills to build those items and have a go at it. While you are doing this, look at other BPs and skill trees to get a sense of both the process and the requirements and see if this is something you want to do. If it is, take the next steps.

Keep training the industry and mining skills and take a stab at getting into PI. Even if you decide that industry isn’t for you, PI is a good source of passive income- particularly in NS/LS space. As a Caldari, start out making some Rocket Fuel and set it aside. Then, take a stab at inventing a T2 missile BPO and building a few with your items, minerals, and PI commodities.

If you are still having fun at that point, congrats- you’ll be a rocking industrialist! If you’re not, no worries- you have some stuff to sell and can reassess what you want to do.

Hope that helps!


If you decide to go for the ammo manufacturing route I can give you some industry grade blueprints for medium antimatter charge ammo (maximum runs, 300 runs, 10 ME / 20 TE). I have a blueprint giveaway anyway though not for industry grade ones but we can consider it part of that with an exceptional bonus this first time (that BPC giveaway can be applied for each month but is limited in scope). Just throw me an EVEmail in-game and I contract them to you. I can either contract them from Dodixie or Jita as I already have them in those stations. o/

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I buy all my materials, I make way more isk doing other things than I could by mining things myself. And from what I know that holds true for just about everyone unless you are multiboxing a bunch of rorquals.

There’s a lot of useful industry tools over on fuzzworks. I suggest checking out the blueprint calculator. I’d suggest starting by running some calculations for some items you use and go from there.


its a long way to really be able to do cool stuff in industry
it need a lot of skills and its a hard way BUT i enjoy it
find a smaller corp to learn … get inthere plan and skill what you need …
usually they know what they need and you can start with them
its a easy way to come into indy and you will get a good view

btw. hope you have an Excel license


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Start with basics … earn some isk. That way you can buy better boats and mods as your skills increase. And also invest in blueprints as industry starters.

As for skills, start with mining yield … lasers and mining laser upgrades. You are looking to take your venture, starting at around 0.9 m3/sec per laser up to around 4 m3/sec. By which time you are probably barge-trained anyway.

The whole mining dynamic has gone out the window with introduction of 0.5 moon mining. You no longer need to hunt ore anomalies for better ores and you no longer need to go to low sec for the best. They can all be got from different 0.5 moons and it is perfectly legal for you to mine someone else’ moon belts.

So, visit local 0.5 systems and see who is mining what (and when). Check local market prices too but gneiss is likely the best return of isk / m3 mined. (Some of the ubiquitous moon goo might be even better but you can’t compress that if you need to haul it to sell; stick with minerals at the moment).

Next, you need to find a local buyer who pays 90% of Jita prices. They do exist. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find one. Again, start with 0.5 and ask the local miners who they sell to. These buyers are working on the basis that as they have perfect refining skills, you can’t make as much isk from refining as them. And to start with, you don’t care

So, step one, for couple of weeks, is hit 0.5 moon belts. Target gneiss by choice. Sell at 90%. Squirrel isk. And read the articles as suggested above. Also, stay in the same systems as much as you can and chances of getting free orca boosts increase enormously.

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