New Player Industry Career Path Roadmap

Hi. I am a new player who is looking for resources to plan out my Industry career progression path. I am able to find quite a lot of information online for other career paths such as mining and doing missions but there seems to be a lack of recent information on how to get started from day 1 doing industry.

I have completed the Industry career agent and used all the blue prints I was given but now what?

Thank you in advance.

Now you open the market and start buying blueprints and research them or buy researched blueprints, buy minerals and other necessary materials and start building. And ideally you check what’s profitable to build with something like EVE ISK Per Hour program (look it up on the forum), or other services before you start blindly building and buying.

Awesome. Thanks for the information.

Also, can you tell me if the information provided in this link is still relevant?

[WIP] The Industrialists Guide to the Universe


Generally speaking, that thread is spot on about the general approach and life of an industrialist. That is a very well written guide and outline, though I have two minor quibbles with it.

First, reading that makes it seem like large scale industry is something that just sort of happens. It isn’t. To get deep into industry (depending on what you want to do yourself), it requires a LOT of start up ISK for BPs and skills to get rolling, and it takes a long time to train everything. T1 is really easy to get into, but to get to T2 and doing your own research, etc. That can take a substantial investment. I’m not trying to discourage you, just letting you know that you won’t be building Rheas next week :slight_smile:

Second, (and this is related to the first point) there isn’t a ton of detail on the skill plan and needs to do industry. Take a look at this link:

On the right sidebar of the article you will see links to the skills needed for different aspects of industry.

Again, industry can be a lot of fun and that guide is a really good one to illustrate what goes into it. Just be prepared for the investment in time, ISK, and training that will be needed to get deeply into it. Better to find out now than start down the road and get a nasty surprise :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Thank you for the information. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of “down time” while I wait for the training to progress so I intend to use that time doing some mining in High Sec for ore which I can then use to manufacture items. I am hoping that at some point in the future, I can look back and consider this time well spent.

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Indeed there will be.

I’ll give you the bad news, and then offer some encouragement :slight_smile:

Industry in general actually breaks down into several different elements, some of which are required, some of which are arguably optional:

Production : you need this, since this is what actually makes things

Science: Needed to research down TE/ME on BPOs, run more jobs, engage R&D agents to get data cores, and do Invention of T2 BPOs

Those are pretty much required for industry to be possible/profitable. The other skills needed are related to getting the stuff to make other stuff, and these could be considered optional since you can potentially procure these materials in other ways.

Mining: This is both the ships and the modules/drones to mine. This forks a bit, since you can focus on things like Orcas and/or Exhumers, and those paths differ a bit. Of course, you can do both if you want, but skilling up a miner can take a couple of months depending on what you want to fly (and what/how you want to mine).

Reprocessing: Got to turn that ore into minerals, but this overlaps a bit with mining skills, since reprocessing skills also affect the use of mining crystals.

PI: This is something that is always a good idea to do, since you can sell the stuff, but you need PI materials for T2 production.

Moon Mining/Reactions: You also need these materials for T2 production, but you need to have access to the actual moon ores to make use of this. A lot of people simply buy these materials.

Trade: Buying materials and selling what you make will be affected by these skills. Tax rates, number of orders, remote order placement, etc.

OK, the bad news is that each of those topics is broken down into individual skill trees that can take weeks or months to go all the way through. That requires time, ISK to buy the skills (the moon mining skill set is about 100M by itself), and opportunity cost for not training other things during that time. This is one reason why a lot of people use alts for industry (and even specific aspects of industry- mining, science, trade/hauling, etc.)

The GOOD news is that you don’t have to go all-in on each and every one of these. You can buy materials, for example. And you don’t need all 5s in everything.

So, here’s what I’d suggest. Get your feet wet by building things that you (or your friends/corp) will use. Drones, ammo, that kind of thing. That will let you get familiar with the process, see how you like building stuff, will save you money on not having to buy these items, and start easing you into this all.

Once you’ve started to do that, you’ll begin to identify parts of industry that you need to work on or refine (supply chains, markets, etc.) and you can try your hand with some T2 items. Again, I’d suggest trying things that you will use- build some stuff, use some of it and sell some of it. If that works out for you, keep moving ahead.

Remember, you can stop at any point that you are satisfied with what you are doing- you don’t need to do it all, and you don’t need all 5s in all skills. As you progress keep in mind what the “next step” would be and if you really want to go there.

I’m really not trying to be negative or discouraging here. But, I know that feeling of training like hell to get a skill to build something…only to try to do it and realize that you’re still missing a bunch of skills and materials to do what you need. That feeling sucks and is more discouraging than anything, so I’m just trying to help you go in with your eyes open.

Good luck! Let us know if you have questions.


If you mine in hisec, keep an eye on local and dscan, for gankers.

Leah already sum it all, but just my 2c as my toon is a miner / industrialist

I don’t think it is Wise to just use a toon for the production as there are a lot of down time between production, particulary at the beginning.

Buying most of your needed materials is an option but it depends what kind of goal you want to achieve. Do you just want to generate isk or do you try to have some fun and the satisfaction of producing an item from A to Z?

As I said, I’m a miner & industrialist and it means I try to master the whole chain of production. Our alliance owns several moons in LS so I developped my skills to be able to use some exhumers barge and we are able to first mine a lot of elements required for the reactions. I also developped my reprocessing skills but I’m far to be level 5 on all variants so I still require the help of a teamate.

I also started a nice collection of BPO and do my own research and inventions. It means developping a lot of science skills to increase your chance of success.

Of course despite 6-7 athanors, I’m not able to mine all the moon elements but I sell some extras mined to buy the missing ones. I have a toon specialized for the hauling and trading.

I started at the end of October 2017, so my toon will soon reach It’s first anniversary. I’m now able to produce most of the T2 components but I still don’t have the skills to produce the T2 ships so I still have a long way to go… Just to make you understand that being a very good industrialist takes time….

Anyway, the satisfaction to master all the différents steps of industry is great and each step turns an even better profit (and I don’t consider what I mine to be free). I’m not sure you can achieve the same result if you only produce and buy all the components.

Good luck and remember it will takes time before you master all the industry part of the game. Don’t even consider developping combat skills with the same toon. And don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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When I first considered starting an Eve account, I did a bit of searching online for different career choices. As someone who, in real life, is deeply imbedded in business, I naturally gravitated towards the Industry career possibilities in Eve. I envision that at some point in the future to be able to do most of the entire process (i.e. collecting raw resources, reprocessing those into useable components and then manufacturing items to resell). I didn’t realize the lengthy time commitment but thanks to very helpful responses to my original question, I am beginning to grasp that. That has not however diluted my desire to take this career path. I will consider creating another pilot to do the “exciting yet dangerous” work of mission running to provide some financial support.

Thank you again to everyone for their advice and knowledge.

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yep, the road is long but It’s not like you need all those skills to start… so don’t be discouraged.

As Leah stated, you can start to build T1 stuffs and months after months, skills after skills, you will see some progress and be able to do more things.

With T1 production, keep in mind that it is not Always profitable (and I will say most of the time, it is not). T1 production requires only a few skills so a lot of people are doing it and you will face a lot of competition. Some people also don’t study and just produce just for the fun of producing and sometimes sells with a loss….

For exemple, to build a T2 drone, one required component is a T1 version of that drone… and most of the time, it costs less to buy that T1 drone rather than building it (I mean the value of the minerals required to build it could be sold at a higher price than the sell value of that drone). So buying that T1 drone rather than producing it will lower the cost of production of your T2 drone.

You will then realize another aspect of the industrialist career… It demands a lot of study and spreadsheets to calculate your costs of production and determine what is profitable to build and what is not… And what could be right at the beginning of the month could be wrong at the end of the same month….

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A good start up is amo manufacturing. Check your regions market for what ammo is most profitable. Buy the BluePrint and mine the minerals. Ammo are easiest to make for beiginers with low cost

Awesome! That was absolutely my hope- not to talk you out of anything, just to prepare you for the road ahead.

Honestly, this is one of the things I really love about EVE- the complexity and length of time it takes to get deep into something. You get some quick gratification and can see your progress, but the road is long and there are many stops along the way. Some see that as frustrating, but I love the fact that the journey doesn’t end quickly and there is a lot to work on and towards as you play. That keeps me going as I stare at my skill queue that is packed full of 25+ day skills that I’m training :laughing:

Since we have touched on the subject of skill training and the time required to obtain useful levels, I have a quick question regarding “going Omega”. I intend to someday, maybe when I reach the 5 million skill point cap, purchase an Omega subscription. My question is whether Eve Omega account subscriptions ever go on sale? And if so, how often? I have been checking for a few months hoping that they would be on sale but I have not seen any references to sales. There seems to be lots of ship SKINS on sale but no Omega account time.

First, to be an industrialist, it is a requirement to be OMEGA. Most of the part of this career are not available to Alphas.

If you can, convert to Omega asap…; Don’t need to reach the 5 millions sp first. In fact, you train skills two times faster when you are Omega so you need to convert as fast as possible….

To answer your second question, it is possible to pay your subscription with PLEX… PLEX is an item like any others that you can buy with your isk. And CCP sometimes propose discounts on PLEX. Once you become a very good industrialist, it might be possible to pay your subscription with the isk your ean, by buying PLEx on the market. But I doubt you will be able to do it from the beginning….

So while you develop your industrialist career, you might have to pay your subscription with real money.

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Yep, as @Johnny_Boggart says, industry is pretty much exclusively for Omegas. Alphas can do some very light production and mining, but you will hit the wall really, really quickly. Alphas can’t even fly mining barges, so…

My theory on this is that while Alphas are able to do a lot of things, CCP intended them to be primarily consumers rather than producers. There are some very valid market concerns for doing that, so it does make sense.

That said, there are several ways that you can save some money on subscribing:

  • PLEX sales happen a few times each year, so you can watch for those.
  • 15% subscriptions sales happen a few times each year
  • You can frequently find 50%-off sales on the various packs (Galaxy, Meteor, etc.) where you can get some game time as well as some other stuff. You can only use those once per account, but they are a great deal when on sale.

We’re super happy to announce that our 3, 6 and 12 month Omega packages will be available at a 15% discount over the course of this weekend!

This promotion will run from today’s daily downtime, through until downtime on Monday, September 17th.

like now lol.

Ha! How about that- I didn’t even see this go live!

@Grumpy_Excalibur- here’s the link. I’d jump on this though:

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Wow, that was a case of perfect timing…looks like I might be getting a year of Omega time to figure this career out and be able to start making my way through Eve.

Thank you everyone for everything!

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One other BIG advantage of being Omega, aside from all the other things you can do, is that you train skills twice as fast! :slight_smile:

Perfect timing indeed.

Indeed, and that became my first long term goal. An obvious help in this is that one account covers three avatars, and number of avatars is the hardwired block to winning EVE as an industrialist - each can only have 11 factory jobs running simultaneously.
To be efficient, you will thus need 33 profitable jobs running.