Profitable high sec industry, is it possible?

My basic question is this. Is it feasible to do industry, in high sec and make a profit?

I know that you get structures with better bonuses in low, null and WH space and I guess if you are making things such as capitals then that is really where you need to be, but what if you don’t make capitals and you just make T2 modules, maybe some T2 ships of destroyer sizes hulls or less. Would high sec be feasible then?

I recently left a null sec entity as the place had lots of hostiles passing through so you couldn’t spend long enough doing mining or anything outside of station PVE wise to actually feel like you were making progress, but that aside, as someone who doesn’t fly a jump freighter having to JF in various items just east into profits quite significantly. The null sec corp was 375isk per m2 plus 1.5% of collateral (depending on where it was picked up from), another corp 1200 isk per m3 so my way of thinking is what I gain in bonuses, I’m giving to someone to JF stuff in.

I wanted to get into reactions, but even there I could technically day trip into WH space, collect the materials and make arrangements with an entity in one of those low sec pockets that you see where just one or two systems are low sec surrounded by high sec.

At the moment I am in high sec collating my stuff and gathering materials, I am looking for a WH, Low or Null entity that does industry, but it seems that for every positive these locations give, there are negatives (least I see them as negatives)


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No. You’d only end up buying modules you wouldn’t be able to use and defend while your mining ships will be ganked by real heroic men who attack defenseless vessels.
Forget Mining. It’s just CCP’s way to give loonies the feeling that they are PvPing while in reality all they’re doing is being a nuisance to those who actually want to play the game without certifiable psychoes bearing down on sitting ducks.
The sooner CCP removes Mining from EVE and set up a ship-buying program through their website and Steam the sooner the lowlife gankers will get bored losing ships against players equally prepared for real PvP.


He is asking about industry, not mining…


Indeed it is.

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Industry goes hand-in-hand with mining. Unless you’re suggesting he manufactures by smelting toys from Santa?

It don’t. There is this thing called market. You don’t need to mine to produce. And you don’t need to produce to be able to make isk from mining.

When I was living in Hek, I would note how much it cost me to produce T1 Frigates, let’s say the Rifter for example.

When any Rifter anywhere went for less than it cost me to make it I would buy it from them. I’d set courier contracts to bring it to me if they weren’t in the Hek NPC tradehub station.

I was flipping RIfters and a few other T1 Frigates. It wasn’t really a profitable venture (low volumes) and it was kind of a slow game but there was a short time maybe a couple months where if you bought a T1 Frigate in Hek, it probably came from me. There was a point where I had hundreds of Herons :laughing: but they were like my top volume for sure, must be a common ship for day one players.

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And the ore/resources at the Market? Did they get there by magic I suppose.

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Thanks @Mr_Epeen verbose as usual.

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Who cares? They are there so you can do industry without mining yourself.

leaving the back and forth aside, thanks for your input everyone

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[ Censured ] in the name of Freedom of Speech.

Using something they enjoyed doing while depriving me of the gameplay I’d like to do is utter Bs. Plus buying it a 200% of the price in an INSULT .
ALL I can do for now is reprocessing what I get from missions and ratting. That’s EVE’s “sanbox” for me, having to use items I could’ve otherwise sold.
But if that’s the game you all want then I guess it’s your game, not mine at all… I’ll play by your rules for as long I don’t get bored.
Haven’t logged in a week because I’m waiting to get into t3 Destroyer. 9 day fleft to wait.
To Hell with. I’ll play Crusader III until I can fly it, just logging in for 2 minutes to get my free Skill giveaway and dismiss your existence altogether.

You can do industry for profit in highsec like anywhere, you specify T2 industry.

There are 3 things you need to know,

A) T2BPO’s exist which let certain veteran players bypass invention. You will not be able to compete with these players & you will only be able to service demand that exceeds T2BPO producrion. In many fieldsT2BPO meet all demand. (You should research T2BPO before playing eve to make sure this is a sandbox you want to jump into.).

B) Many players in EVE do not account for their material costs or pilot licence cost. They produce items at huge losses, I don’t know why people do this but many do role play as industrial tycoons.

We call this attitude the “minerals I mine are free & the PLEX I subscribe for is free.”. They hate getting red pilled on this fact, don’t waste your energy with them just be glad their stupidity keeps the server running via their subscriptions.

C) Do not be afraid of getting into null or low sec manfacture. There are plenty of established groups who will let you use their structures for fee’s less than high sec npc fee, some will even offer jump freighter services. Due to tethering jump freighters are invulnerable in null and low sec when operated propperly.

Prior to tethering eve had many regional trade hubs but now that you can jump freighter risk free anywhere near all trade occurs at the biggest hub Jita. I suggest you focus industrial efforts in Jita allowing exporters to service smaller hubs.

First let us define profit.

Do you mean 100m a month? Yes that is doable.

Do you mean plexing your one account doing over 1b profit per month? That is questionable.

Most people who do indy have a lot of accounts. Some have 5-10 accounts with only indy toons. This is because scaling industry is hard since you get at most 11 slots per character. There is a cap in the amount of profit you can make based on these slots and the market.

You need to set a goal on how much profit per month you want to make then plan your amount of characters accordingly.

Industry is a very costly upfront investment with the amount of BPOs and research that need to be done. T1 industry is rarely worth it because so many low SP players are doing it with their “free minerals”. You need to be omega and do T2 or bigger to make profits. But even then you can see things like freighters being sold at below mineral cost because miners don’t value their time and opportunity cost.

If this game was real life, a lot of players would be personally bankrupt at this point.

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All omega industry in eve needs to make 1.2bn isk turn over to break even, that being the price of 1/500 plex. You could addition sp extraction as a bare minimum.

Any industry account not turning over 1.2bn is loss making. If you are turning over more than 1.2bn then you need to division additional profit by the time it has taken to do so.

The common method being ISK/phr however more advanced players are sometimes quoted as talking about $/pcm or plex/ per day, plex = 500 plex.

A goodish isk/phr is around 500m but anywhere down to 100m/phr is good. A player who subscribes an industry alt actually has a negative isk/phr

@Corvex ideally i would like to plex 2 accounts, I have 2 accounts, 3 characters each, i can already plex 1 account doing what i do which is level 4 missions and utilising the LP i get from that too.

I wanted a change of pace from PVP which i also did and just get into a bit of manufaqcturing, T2 cruisers and down, T2 modules etc, nothing that is going to win awards, jsut something a bit low key to relax after work.

if i can plex 2 acccount comfortably then I can think of adding a third

but from those 6 characters only 3 are really being used, Ive not done PI in over a year and wouldnt bother in high sec, the tax rates are too high and all the poco seem to be held be anonymous holding groups so cannot even use as facotyr planets profitably

Industry is highly scalable in many markets, often if you can plex one account you can plex 50 manufacturing the same field. Finding the first plex is the hardest, the rest is just brain dead repetition.

This is known as n+1, eve onlines monetisation policy is now nearly entirely based around this.