EVE Industry - Old player, new industrialist

Hello, everyone!

So, my longest running battle with Eve has been to become self-sufficient with ISK to fund my PVP. This is easily capable with cheap ships, however, now that my main can fly Carriers/FAUX/BLOPs, I’m more interested in some of the more expensive ships. As a result to this interest I need to increase my income.

So I’ve spent some time asking around on what to do, here is what I’ve been told and my response:

  • PI - Eh… This is too passive for me and requires too many alts to be worthwhile. I understand it’s easy, but I don’t want to stop training my main and primary alt for just more alts.

  • Station Trading - I really wanted to do this. My alt currently has trade 5, broker relations 5, and account management 5 as well as margin trading 4. I thought this was going to be it, but I just can’t seem to get a grasp on this. Maybe I’m just not intelligent enough for it or maybe my patience is too short. I was told that the more time I put into trading the more income I could get. I haven’t really seen this.

  • Missions - No, thanks. I’d rather VNI rat.

  • Industry - Now this seems cool. Around the same time I was looking into trading I started looking into Industry. My alt currently has Industry 5, Advanced Industry 4, Mass Production 5, Science 5, and Lab Operation 5. EVE IPH seems like a very intuitive tool and looks like it will make things easier for me. Between this and my trade skills I feel like this character is close to being able to be an industrialist, especially with being able to fly DST’s.

Now, my question when it comes to Industry. As a player who plays for PVP but enjoys some time away from that, is industry an ‘active’ ISK maker? While I’m on Eve, I’d like to play Eve. I don’t mind if I need to do lots of jumps or lots of planning. I don’t want to log on, adjust something, log off.

I would obviously like time to PVP, but I feel that my life of throwing Tristan’s into the fire is coming to an end. I’m looking to get into the more expensive, planned out combat.

So in a nut shell, with that skills and such I’ve told you, do you guys think my alt has a capability to become an industrialist? Also, will he be sufficient or will it end up like PI where I need to train every other slot as an alt to run T1 copies?

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. Any help or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

It’s possible with only one char to earn a couple of B per month (or in good times a week) with industry. It’s not the manufacturing/research activity as such (this is brain dead simple and not time consuming) which brings the money, but the knowledge what to produce/do when … and here it has a lot in common with market trading, except that you don’t buy cheap but produce cheaper and sell if the price is high.

With one char you have to go for the low volume, high profit items. Mix in some event running (each event usually brings in a couple of B extra), and patch speculation and you are set. That’s basically what I’m doing.

For a starter check the T2 rigs market …

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Rig’s are actually where I’d like to start! My main does exploration so, as long as the price per rig part isn’t better than an assembled rig, it opens up a low cost sourcing option.

I like rigs because you only need a BR or even ceptor to transport the materials and results and you can produce with low/nullsec bonus easily.

So, since we’re on the topic of T2, I’d love to clarify something.

If I make a 10 run copy of a T1 rig, can I run 10 invention jobs against that single BPC?

And it would run the invention 10 times before dumping any successes correct?

It’s not like it does all 10 at once, correct?

A 10 run copy gives you 10 invention runs, each has a chance to succeed independently. However you will only know when you click “deliver” after the job has finished. Whether you start one run at a time or 10 in a row as one job does not matter from chance perspective.

you sound like ou enjoy flying more than anything make your own rules
build your own eve
pvp can be lucrative if done right
enjoy building your own game
have you tried faction warfare?

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