Small C3 corp w LS static. Show up and do your thing

Corp is just myself and a few friends & alts. (this post made by a different toon for infosec). I setup shop in a vacant C3 for kicks, but really dont have the time and dedication to run and utilize it all myself.

Astrahus w clone bay, and moon mining/reprocessing Athanor, both w defenses. Anoms / Sigs are sufficient for a few people, but would have to roam if alot of ppl show up. There are enough null and wh spawns to keep it interesting. I’m doing PI on most of the planets, but there’s room for more bases… The Athanor brings all the ships to the yard around chunk blow up time, so that is another decent source of content (we have stuff on the athanor…)

Nothing is mandatory, but ideally mining should be on the menu, as even a small moon chunk has a ton of ark & spod that my single exhumer wont put a dent in. Also of course bring something PVPish cruiser or bigger for defense / gangs. Anyone wanting to POCO bash, esp with a dread (yes they will fit in the hole) to front of the queue. All skill levels welcome, just beware it’s mostly self-study and self-sufficiency. I’ll happily offer tips to newb’s when I’m around. People having or wanting FC exp also a great place to launch WH ops from.

Personality wise, anything short of a totally uptight D-bag is ok. There are no min requirements, no doctrine, no… anything. Use an alt if you want, I dont care about your API. As I said, I’d just like to see pilots fully utilizing the stuff since I really cant.

update, apparently the algorithm or whatever determined that people live here and has spawned a truck load of sites: combat, explo and mining/gas. Looking at 10 anoms and 12 sigs with goal of doing maybe 5 of them. Seriously, just come on out.

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