Lowsec Moon Mining?

so im looking for a good spot to relax in, currently living in venal and a c5, what i want to do is get a small moon mining refinery and if possible deploy it in a lowsec system knowone ever goes to, i know a few of them, if your corp has a rorq/orca that would be awsome, otherwise use mining barges an a few subcap haulers to scoop the stuff. as for the safety of this, i have many methods of securing my own safety, as you can see from my kb there isnt many losses tho ive always been in a nullsec/wh corp/alliance. im not big on pvp anymore and would prefer not to but defending my home is never something someone ever likes to do so i just do it. as for ships i can fly, all gallante minus erebus, can fly rorq/orca/porp, short train left on caldari cruiser 5, obelisk/anshar, good thanny pilot, decent moros pilot, good bs/bc pilot. im not on here often so if you want to discuss more send “deathfacade” a mail in game

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