Brand New Player | Newbie | Looking for a Corp

Hi all.

Newbie here. I’m looking for a fun corp that can help answer questions I have and also help me dive into the universe a little deeper.

I can’t really make commitments to things I don’t quite understand yet, so I can’t say anything about c2 or any of that.

I’m looking for friends that also wouldn’t mind the odd questions about that stuff!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ellnas,

Welcome to Eve! Please consider joining the Kingdom of Bretonia! Our corp live in a C2 wormhole and we explore and try not to die to the pvpers who occasionally roam through. When are still working on increasing our security in our system so that we can get more advanced notice of threats coming our way.

We all mine in cheap ventures that only cost 10m, but we earn 40m isk per hour in them because apparently Gas pays well!

We are a text-communication focused corp, but our alliance has voice comms if you are after those. Our alliance also lives in Null, and a c3 WH. WHs get harder as the number goes up with 5 being the max.

Message me in game if you are interested in joining! Our corp is quite quiet atm since we only have a small handful of pilots, but we seem to be growing by 1-2 pilots a day.

looing for a relaxed place to learn and make new friends? check us out

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