How viable is this plan?

  1. Get used to 2 boxing again. (1 scan/salvage, 1 combat)
  2. Get back into running combat and data sites in losec and WH.
  3. Profits.
  4. Build my own station somewhere.

Will the pve activities I enjoy fund an Astrahaus? IF I’m able to build a structure, what’s the best way to go about not getting it blown up just for kicks? I’m not going to spam somewhere, I just want to homestead somewhere out of the way(ideally in a WH).

Would my little one man (unless people decide they want to join) corp be able to “rent” space from an alliance if I want to put down stakes outside of hisec or would that be too expensive? I know that I can’t defend a station by myself, so I’m hoping to minimize the chances of being attacked “just because”

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if you can’t afford to defend a structure, i wouldn’t do it unless you have enough people/alts in your corp/alliance to defend it.

I was thinking more along the lines of replacement. I’m not sure how often structures get blown up outside of wars. I’m of the mindset that anything that gets built or flown in eve will eventually get blown up, and so I was wondering where I could build that will lessen the chance of it being attacked in the first place.

To legally attack a structure in Hisec, I’m pretty sure you have to declare a war. Losec or Null you don’t have to have a war dec to lose your structure.

some back end, very low traffic area will probably be your best bet… Then again, if there isn’t a structure nearby, and you throw a core in it, if there are mission runners, they’ll likely be thankful for the structure so that they can tether/repair at your structure for free.

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Cool. I dig that. I wouldn’t mind people being able to use the place to repair and rearm. I definition want to be able to reproc in it, and I wouldn’t mind having a market there.

My main concern is economics. I do pve stuff that I think is fun, and I was wondering if WH and losec data and combat sites bring in enough money to keep one going. I’m going to start my own corp, but I doubt many people will want to join. If they do, of like to think they’d help out. How many people do you think I’d need to have to build in a WH? 9 years or so ago I loved living in WH space.

that i couldn’t tell ya… i just run missions to raise standings for other people.

Wh wit LS static should bring enough content and safety for your structure. But solo living in wh is a lot of effort.

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Its been rigged so unless you are doing Abyssals or vast amounts of PI, forget putting up a station every few weeks.

Sorry, Structure.

Also, what would this Structure do?

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An Astrahus is pretty cheap. If you’re running a lot of sites, and not dying much, you can obtain one reasonably fast.

If you really want your own corporation and your own structures, I would recommend renting. A few billion per month for either your own private system where nobody else is allowed to run any of the local combat sites or access to a well-defended region where you share space with other renters, depending on who you’re renting from.

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Good to know. As to what it would DO, basically be my house. I’d like market, hangar, and reproc. Caldari mission agents for people to use if that’s possible. I’m really missing having my own house like in SWG and UO.

I’ll have to see if I can generate that with the time I have to play.

Sadly you cant have mission agents in it.

Market is fair, though often the cause of wars due to competition.

For reprocessing, the industrial structures are what you want to look at.

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Steps 1 through 3 are good, but I’d question step 4

Why do you want a station? They’re expensive and if you’re alone you won’t be able to defend it, unless you hire even more expensive mercs. Also, where will you put it? If you just want somewhere to put stuff, use freeports or NPC stations, or set up a dickstar pos like I did in my C5 cuz nobody wants to evict that crap. If you want a clone bay, again freeports are probably the way to go. If you just want to feel proud, trust me having built a large dickstar those are more fun and prideworthy imo

Really, I just want my own house where I can park and repair. Being able to reproc(I don’t care about bonuses for that though) and sell loot would be a big bonus.

One that nobody wants to bother blowing up is a plus, but I need to be able to keep it fueled solo.

Well, just about anything can get you a place to park and repair, albeit with differing levels of complexity involved. Reprocessing is unique to citadels and NPC stations. Selling loot, just go to a market hub for that nothing else is worth it.

I guess it’s down to how much logistical overhead you can bear, and how much you care about reprocessing VS not being evicted, and how complicated you can stand to make the setup. An Astrahus is very easy and simple, but people will try to evict it just cuz they can do it easily. It’s cheap but imo not worth it if you just want a reprocessing place and home.

If you really want somewhere you can say is your own, but also don’t want anyone evicting you, go for a dickstar (preferably large, but small or medium work too, just less effective at eviction deterrence). The downside is its complicated, more expensive to upkeep (looking at about 800M/month for large, 400M/month for medium, and 200M/month for small), has a short eviction notice (1 day 17 hours from initial bash to pos go boom, if you fill it up with stront), and cant do reprocessing with it. Parking and repair is doable but more complicated than a station or citadel. You can throw a Nestor into the pos and refit off it, and use local repair modules for free (but not instant) repair off your capacitor. You can use industrials for holding things (DST fleet hangars are a godsend), and overall you can still fully live out of a pos even if it’s tricky.

So again it’s really a matter of it depends. Weigh the benefits, risks, and costs of all the options and do whatever you prefer. You can always also try the other method if you try 1 and it doesnt work out as well as you hoped

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Its not the number of people, but their profiency and will to fight. You can have a thousand players, but if all they do is afk mine and dock up as soon as an enemy appears, then they are useless in defending your station.

Problem is, its very profitable to destroy a citadel. You will have to replace it every time someone with a modicum of a brain sees it, which is going to be frequent. And once it happens, it will happen over and over again because people will know its an easy target for some quick isk.

You will spend billions replacing your citadel and receive little to no benefit other than a personal satisfaction of owning one. Personally, for me, it would be outweighed by the humiliation and frustration of constantly losing and giving free isk to pirates, but if that isn’t a concern to you, then go ahead and build/buy one.


Do I need an industrial structure to reproc at all, or does the indy just give a bonus?

I am an eve trillion isk player and I’ve yet to see a need for my own structure. Plenty of other players are giving out facility for dirt cheap.

I don’t either. I WANT one. I want to attempt to homestead.

Nah just a bonus.

You can do it in a Haus, but I mean, your fuel bill will also have to take that and the market medule into account.

After that, you can have either Research or Manu if you wanted