I ventured out into losec last night

I did a few data sites and a relic site in a Heron. I ran a few combat sites in a Drake. Ran some combat sites and anoms in hisec and scored my first escalation(which dropped an implant that I sold).

I need to mess with my overview so I can set dscan to only show ships and probes. I also need to get my screen set up so that hacking isn’t full screen. Any advice for looting and salvaging, I can’t stay aligned while doing that and I get nervous.

The system I was working on had 7-9 people in local all evening, but I didn’t have anyone drop in on me in several hours. I don’t think they were bots, the names all looked like normal player names. If the situation in that system stays the same I’ll see if they’re in a corp. If so, I’ll see if we can work something out to set each other blue.

I had fun out there, definitely going back. Once I’m more used to operating there, it’s on to WH space.


Dscan …dscan …and dscan

This is your best tool. Warp to the site . Dscan for max range. Lower the range until no ship is in range, ( for example 3-5 au. Keep doing your stuff and spamming dscan. If you see a ship closing on dscan like less than 3 au it’s time to align. If he drops on grid bail out !

There’s a button that y can hit in the scanning window"float" option if I remember that makes your scanning and/or hacking windows small and changeable in size and position.

You look like a new player. If y ever need advice I have a small discord server to help new folks TRAINING BARRACKS


I’m RE learning. I used to be in a corp living in WH back in 2010 or so. Over the last month or so I ran hisec missions to remember how to fight. Did some hisec exploring to remember how to do that. Now I’m going to relearn ui settings lol

Aaah then you are a returning vet… well a lot has changed you have some nice ( and some bad) surprises ahead, i won’t spoil your fun. ( Unless you ask me to) xD

Good luck and welcome back to new eden

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Thanks. I came back for a little bit to find myself in the last months of the trig invasion. I was horrified to see that they’d gone full mobile gaming with a ftp model and daily login/daily objectives, along with turning plex into a currency. Things were a little too chaotic for my tastes, ccp was changing too much too quickly for my liking, so after rerolling my combat main and exploring alt, I took another break. Came back a month or two ago to actually start playing again.

Yeah trigl stuff where a thing, but now it’s just another abandoned content ( ccp ways right?) a lot i f fun stil to be had. I got great experience about game mechanics ( even with new changes) so my offer stands. Whenever y want to talk about that just ping me in that server or mail me in-game.

Sure, cool. This character doesn’t get played anymore, but I don’t want to switch on here and lose my forum history. McArthy is my main.

I can’t find relaxed LS system.
Any tips?

I got lucky. Start by using the map and avoid systems with lots of of pod killing. Try to find places where ships haven’t been destroyed recently.

first of all go away from lowsec systems close to main trade hubs like jita and amarr. gallente and minmatar lowsec are good and empty places

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All lowsec systems can be dangerous.

However, I find the deeper lowsec systems, the .2 and .1 systems further away from hisec to be generally more calm. Often I’m the only one in them for hours.


Good, you are aware it is a risky situation. And you are willing to deal with it.
As others already mentioned (re)learn to use Dscan and be prepared to react to interference. (Keep in mind there still a few options for dedicated hunters to catch you)
Also, try to figure out who are the locals and what they are up for if you plan to visit a system more often. Maybe you even find how interact with then in a beneficial way (for you, at least).

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Let’s say someone lands on grid where I’m having in my heron. If I have my drake cloaked on grid, what are the chances the drake could handle the ship coming after my Heron? Assuming it’s only one ship.

That’s my plan. If there are people still in the system I was working, I’m going to try to find out if they’re all in a corp together. If so, and if they’re game, I’m going to see if we can work something out. If they’re an industry focused corp and they don’t mind me running sites in their system, I can sell loot or minerals directly to them.

Honestly, with the penalties from the cloak and the “defenses” of a heron I wouldn’t be betting on you. And even if it works once, after that people become aware of your trick.

Of course, there is always a fool so it may still work. However, if you don’t know who the fool is…


Ideally, I’d warp the heron out before engaging the drake. Even if they warp out, I feel like it would be nice to have an option other than cut and run at the first sign of a stranger. I usually always have them both with each other. The one I’m not actively using sits cloaked. Would leaving the drake uncloaked be a deterrent or a bigger target?

Both, probably. :woman_shrugging:
The thing is, if the other guy is the one deciding if he will engage or not, do you want him to know exactly what is there waiting for him?
Cut&run is not the most glamorous tactic to employ, but it actually works (that is why people use it).
But then again, you know it is risk and you are willing to deal with it. If nothing else, you can trade a few drakes for some experience. :wink:

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That’s true, but a big part of me wants to hit back(even though I’m not into pvp).

This is a great thread

+1 from this jury

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Cool. I’m starting phase 1 of that plan I outlined the other day. I’m also rotating between hisec missions and losec exploration. Partly to keep any one thing from getting boring, partly to get standing for my 2nd account and LP for implants and other fun stuff.


Some minmatar lowsec are pipelines to nullsec and are notorious for having pirate gatecamps – including smartbombing setups. Other systems have folks that camp because they are bored and want to cyno in capitals on folks and dunk.

In general, do a little research beforehand: Zkillboard will give you very rough ideas whether kills are serendipitous versus repeat locals. That gives like a 10% idea, the other 90% is just going out there are actually trying to earn a living in the systems, and just being very delibrate with taking in information the whole time. Living and breathing it by becoming a small part of the ecosystem is the best way to learn.

Also: If you’re “playing alone”, don’t play solo. Talk in local, sometimes you will make friends or frenemies.

(I did something similar to OP, except went out to NPC Null)