Welcome to my Korean hisec mining babies!

I fly in hi sec with a porp and three alts in procurers, drinking belts and killing trig recon squads. Not a good ISK/hour playstyle, but I enjoy it. It’s my optimal fun/hour playstyle with just enough ISK to be worth doing.

But hi sec has been lonely since I got back. Moon mining and the trig recon squads seem to have sent everyone off elsewhere.

I’m set up in a system with a good number of belts near a newbie system with cheap PushX access to a trading hub… And with the Korean release, I’ve been getting a lot of “so-and-so [Korean Characters]'s Venture” on my d-scan.

So of course, I’m inviting them out to fleet up with me for the free mining boosts I’m dishing out… And they’re all so god damn wholesome! Not sure if it’s a cultural thing or an English as second language thing or if the wholesome ones are self-selecting for mining. It’s all “thank you for your kind cooperation” this and “what is a mining boost?” that and “I apologize for my english” this and “oh no, I forgot my drones” that.

It’s just… D’aww. I remember back in 2013 as a newbie, fleeting up in my Venture with a guy with an Orca/Hulk setup similar to (but riskier and larger than) my own. I set my sights on his playstyle, I’ve inched toward it slowly in the months I’ve been online with long stretches away in between… And I just realized I’ve made it! Feels good man!

Gonna need a new goal soon, but I’m enjoying playing newbie miner den mother for now. :blush:

My sweet summer Korean mining babies! Rename your ships so your character name isn’t on it, fit for tank, find a d-scan tutorial online, try things other than mining, and never mine afk! You’ll get ganked eventually, but managing risk is the only thing that keeps mining interesting. Fly safe, little ones!


Same, the feeling is like sitting beside a Rorq and there is 50-ish% bonus on miner. I was like “whoaaa”

…then the guy said, “now try the ore compression”. Holly molly, suddenly there is so much room.


Excellent story, always a good feeling in helping others less fortunate.

Keep up the good work and don’t forget to share your vast knowledge with them.


Man, seriously, thank you for this post.

Wading through these forums, with the unnecessary nastiness and “genitalia measuring contests”, it’s really nice to be reminded that there are cool people who enjoy things in EVE other than being jerks.

I’m right there with you- my favorite part of the game is helping newbies, so kudos to you for welcoming them and enjoying it as well.


Also very appreciative of the positive attitude - especially considering how much xenophobic propaganda I’ve seen about this topic.


Just another case. I don’t just play EVE wrong. I’m clearly using the forums wrong too. :rofl:


Yeah, man- being nice to people, being helpful, being pleasant on the forums…

What the &*$# is wrong with you?!? :wink:


OP, are you still around?

Still around.

Sad to report that I haven’t had a newbie miner coast by during my timezone in a few weeks now. It was fun but short lived.

But also, work’s been busy closing up the end of year, so haven’t been online that much in the last fortnight or so.

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