The Hek Mining Association

Greetings from the Hek Mining Association, your friendly neighborhood cartel. New Eden can be a harsh and uncaring place but here at the HMA we are always looking out for miners (and new players in general). For more information about our organization visit our website, join our In-Game Channel Hek Mining Association, or just look for one of our HMA Public Mining Fleets in Fleet Up! And, remember:

“If you want to mine, you can go to Hek!”


These guys are just a bunch of knuckle dragging gankers taking advantage of miners. Eve is huge, If you want to mine, don’t go to Hek!


I can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure of your company in one of our fleets. Had you taken part you would know that your assessment is incorrect. Although we are more than willing to utilize ganking against our competitors, those who participate in our fleets can expect all manner of assistance to make their mining safer, more fun, and more productive. We are a friendly neighborhood cartel, after all. Our end goal is to drive player engagement.

Do forgive me, I was under the understanding we have to pay for the the pleasure of being included in your mining fleets. This is why you have never seen me in one of your fleets. I mine for free in a lovely system full of rocks and no gankers. You do have a reputation for ganking miners who don’t cough up the ISK but still want to mine in Hek. It is these people who I was targeting with my comment.

I’m quite sure you do provide assistance to your “paying customers” therefore ensuring a plentiful supply of rocks. And anything that drives player engagement is OK by me.

I would like to add that a long time ago I did pay to mine but this was in a low sec system and I understood the local pirates saw us as bait on a hook to draw more palatable content into their system.

In my opinion theirs no need to pay to mine in empire space. I see it as an avoidable racket. You are not providing anything they can’t get for free else where.

PS sorry for calling you knuckle draggers, Eve is open and free. You can do what you want and the miners don’t have to hang around, I just want them to know they always have a choice.

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I think you might be confusing us with someone else. We don’t charge anything to take part in the fleet. We don’t even require that you sell your ore to us. All we offer is free boosts, optional in-space buyback, and that we won’t shoot you and will try to stop other people from shooting you.

With the exceptions when @Solstice_Projekt forgets to check if the miner is in the mining fleet and dunks it anyway despite it was in fleet. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :wink:

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As a Hek regular, and a personal friend, Solstice provided advice and input when we first started operations. However, he has never been part of the HMA (despite my numerous invitations). Once or twice, he’s joined our public fleets but as I understand it he was the victim rather than the aggressor of awoxing in those cases. In general. I haven’t known him to actively target our fleets. Probably depends on his mood, that day.

Didn’t know the details was just having a bit of banter aimed at him as I’m certain he’ll appreciate it. All I know there was an occasion one of the times I was in Hek on my alt when he ganked one of the fleet members and afterwards said he didn’t know he was in fleet.

It was a juicy KM as I remember right maybe a juicy pod as well don’t recall exactly but was funny either way. So it seemed as if he was not gonna blow the guy up if he knew he was in fleet, though was not clear if this way true or was just having some fun with the situation. Also possible just misunderstood the local convo.

Whatever, it was a good laugh that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

Though probably not for the miner I guess but such is EVE. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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For a limited time only, get your discounted Mining Permits. Guaranteed* to keep you safe from gankers and griefers. Only 5 million ISK… that is a 50% savings over retail price.

I support jamess 315 and the No Order©
I follow the new Hek CODE of Content™
Clearly Forged Permit

* Safety.
not actually guaranteed


I liked this until you mentioned James 315 and CODE at least if their are rival cartels you’re ganking each others miners, but wheres the content in a cartel gang war instead just another CODE simp corp.

I think you might need to look a little closer. I know it’s a skillful forgery but if you pay attention to the details it might surprise you.

my apologies, I couldnt read the irony, code is just a trigger, all that sanctimonious drivel rubs me the wrong way, sounds too much like Amarian preaching.

To be fair, it looks better in-game.

I just wanted to mention that we have upgraded our website. Check it out for the latest news, opinions, and shenanigans in Hek and the rest of New Eden.


Nice to see your still going

And nice site

Ain’t gonna let a little thing like a Wrecking Machine’d Tatara get us down. It was nice but not necessary. We won’t be going anywhere for a little while yet.

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Just saying, there’s a new post on the blog. Props to anyone who gets the obscure movie reference.

The Predator/Prey Dynamic, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gank

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Good blog I must say . You show what’s possible in eve, anything you set your mind to.

The Hek Mining Association will be running a special fleet. Check out the link for more details.

The April Fool’s Invasion

Not a miner myself, persay. But I hang out in their channel. Good group of folks. Would recommend.