I thought this kind of hegemony was illegal

I’d like to understand where THEY get the gall to say “PROTECT OUR MINERAL RESOURCES” in a market hub that serves all players.

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sounds like they are protecting their mineral resources, i guess they dont want the riff raff stealing their ore.


Sounds like a nice initiative!

But if you don’t like it, why not do something about it?


Yeah, I heard of these guys. Apparently, they aren’t all talk either, and will actually gank “scabs.”

Anyway, might makes right in Eve. As for you, well… you can join them, fight them, awox, steal, scam, start a rival corp, or move somewhere else. Whatever works for you.
No P2W


There’s nothing illegal about it. They can stake a claim over it if they like and enforce that claim. CCP doesn’t stop them any more than they’ll stop scammers.


First, the mineral resources are not THEIRS

Second, as stated in the title, hegemony in high sec, especially in the trade hub, is illegal

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if they claim the ore as theirs and can defend it with force then the ore is theirs , if you want it you need to take it from them.

I am pretty sure James 315 the ruler of Highsec will allow this ,so clearly this is a legal action. what makes you think James would define this as illegal ?


Its nice to see Capsuleers who still care about the conservation and protection of our space environment!

I endorse this product and/or this service.


simply that they are interfering with more than mining - it’s a trade hub and they are using mining hegemony as an excuse to interrupt trade

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good for them. What is wrong with their actions ?


Luckily if they do anything illegal CONCORD will quickly deal with them.


not quick enough in a 0.5 system


That’s a matter of perspective.

I’m sure there will be people who think CONCORD is too quick in a 0.5 system.


What made you think hegemony, or indeed any other kind of player-on-player/group-on-group interaction, would be illegal? Eve is renowned for being a sandbox with few rules and this sort of thing is outright encouraged. Hisec especially is crying out for more cool and interesting things like this (if Hek even qualifies as hisec with all the lawless and smelly degenerates round those parts).

Sounds like you need to step up and do something about it where CONCORD cannot. It sounds like you’ve found a great motivator for some emergent PvP/semi-RP content. I’m glad you feel so strongly about this issue and I look forward to hearing all about the exciting adventures of the Koyaan i Squatchi Mineral Emancipation & Liberation Team.


you’ll be the first to hear - I promise

If I had to guess, I’d say you are the marketing arm of THEM.

The best way to advertise in a forum full of frothing rage queens is with a controversial OP. And it sure seems to be working. It’ll be top of the page for a good while.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


…and you’re helping…thnx

Koyaan :sunglasses:

They belong to whomever makes a claim to them. You can contest that claim and do honorable battle to decide who wins.

Says who?


I suggest you ask those trying to make a living around Hek that question - my polling says: Everyone that isn’t in that ganker mining gang, which is basically what it is - criminals taking advantage of defenseless miners and traders…of course, that’s their MO - preying on helpless players -

They can’t find enough PvP so the make “content” around a trade hub - it’s hard to believe all of you would defend such an action - no wonder so many people are leaving EVE

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And why should i ask them? Why would their opinion matter?

Welcome to eve. We defend freedom.