To the FACTIONS of Eve

Futurists of New Eden Manifesto of High Sec

We, the Futurists of New Eden, hereby declare that High Sec is a safe place to operate. We demand that the governments who charge us duty for mining, trade and activities within their respective bounds act now to protect the very incomes that are threatened by gankers, lawlessness and self appointed entities who prey on peaceful miners, industrialists, traders and haulers. We further demand that governments conduct sweeps, patrols and add heavier police presences to areas that have become known ganker systems such as Uedema. We pay large sums of isk to the governments of New Eden and they need to protect and control their trade routes.

If the governments of New Eden do not, we call upon all miners, traders, haulers and industrialists to BOYCOTT JITA in the whole month of MAY. This BOYCOTT serves a dual purpose. First, it will show the governments of Eve the power of the pilots to inflict economic pain on any one government, in this case the one government that knows and talks our language, the language of isk. Second, Uedema is one of the most ganked systems in High Sec and turning the pipeline off that feeds these ganker’s greed and destruction will be sourly felt.

Next, we demand that the SCC who also collects our taxes implements a method for us as individuals, corporations and alliances to be able to wage ECONOMIC WAR on those who work against us, specifically gankers and the like. We should be able to charge higher prices to those who are ranked as terrible or bad standing in our contacts. Better yet, let us decide either to charge higher prices or NOT TRADE with them. Let them feel the pain that they inflict on others while the honest pilots get the deals.

Governments of EVE, we await your answer.


Futurists of New Eden.

WE, the Futurists of New Eden, are the Future of New Eden. We represent the interests of the people and governments of New Eden. We strive to build New Eden. We unite to oppose those who tear down and destroy. Corporations, join us and unite with us in our fight for each other. Individuals, find a corporation in our Alliance that suits you and join them!

Join us in our fight to build!

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Oh look, it’s another one of those “miner strikes” again. I wonder if this one will actually make something of itself and not just be a bunch of hot air like the other 42,069 posts we’ve had on them.


See, now this is content.

It’s built upon a false premise, though:

You actually don’t pay anything to any EVE governments. The only taxation players have (aside from the 11% “meta” taxation for players in NPC corporations to encourage them to play in player-made organizations) comes from a small market order tax, which is paid to the station owners (i.e. the corporation that owns the station).


to much work dude
just give the 10 million to the lady


I applaud the RP.

Also this is EVE bruv. You want heavier patrols? Fit up, fleet up, fly out and do it yourself.

If you were even smarter, you’d pay Aiko to kill your competition and you could seize more market control.

This is giving me FWC D2 vibes and we all know how that turned out for them :smiley:


What is a Futurist in the year seventy-two thousand A.D? How do you spot one, I mean besides if he’s mining but are all miners Futurists or could some of them who might gank part-time find themselves on both sides?
Anyway, good luck with the boycott.

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Gankers are pretty simple, not dissimilar to asteroids really. Can’t you just, like, mine their hulls with some pulse lasers until they go away?

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If anyone needs to hire some union busters to handle this cute little proletariat insurrection, I would like to make a public service announcement that both R I O T and Safety. are currently accepting contracts!

We will even bring our own bats!


Let us beat your miners, so that you can beat your competition!

When they don’t hit the belts,
They will surely get welts,
We guarantee!



If you want 0%-1% POCO tax your going to have to go to WH space/NS sorry man.

42,070 posts requesting a solution to a problem.

Follow the ISK, although that is kind of hard as all the NPC corps pay fealty to who know who.

Unions are a possible solution the problem.

But the “problem” they identify is actually a feature.

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Not to them it isn’t.

Oh dear one of these threads.



This gunna be good.

While you boycott Jita, scabs like me will capitalize on your loss.


Thanks for providing me with content!


We’re business people, you know? You buy our stuff in Dodixie, then we go put more stuff on sale in Dodixie. Or Hek. Or Rens. Or Amarr. […].

The Uedama thing … dunno about that one. Other peoples freighters get blown up… how’s that bad for my buisness? I sell Freighter components, and if you pick it up from my backwater Highsec, I can build you the whole (jump) freighter, too. People losing their freighters means demand on freighters and wales will increase, which is good for peolpe building those.
I don’t build just new components. In fact, I primarily build Modules and Rigs. But then … those freighters in Uedama aren’t empty, and the loot fairy taking her toll means I’ll have less competition on the market.

Go ahead and autopilot freighters through CODE infested systems

With a player owned Market Place, the market operator can decide who’s allowed to deal there and how much tax they charge. Rather then charging more from known gankers, I’d just lock them out, and freeze their assets until they transfer them to some trading alts I haven’t blacklisted.

NPC factions should just simply disallow docking to anyone with -5.0 standings to them. They can’t be sending their army on you when you enter their space, but then harbor you in their stations.

That’s fairly easy. There’s corps specialized into protecting the economy by blowing up miners, especially ice miners. If you want to get someone rogue miner off your ice grid, just talk to the diplo channel of some de-mining corporation and offer them a bounty to get you rid of your competitor. They don’t care about mining permits or crap, you put a bounty on a miner’s head, tell which system he’s in, and likely some mining ship will need replacement within an hour.

Now, because we’re talking about business, we need to make sure there’s a mining ship on the local market before that happens, right? And mods. And maybe we also want to sell destroyers. And blasters. And stuff. There’s a good bit of money you put on the miners’ heads flowing back to you if you do it right.


This got me thinking, what’s the difference paying Aiko 10 mil isk for your permit to mine in SAFTEY. Vs paying 10 mil isk in union dues to mine in saftey?

Oh, that’s right. Nothing.


Doesn’t CODE have better deals then that? I think for 1B isk/year you get free reproc at their stations, moon mining permission on moons operated by CODE, and they refund your mining ships lost to gankers… or something like that.

NPC corps don’t offer that, while other NPC corps, namely sansha invasion diamonds, drifters/autothysians and triglivians will just blow you up inmidst of a 100 ship concord fleet that isn’t good for anything other then bumping you while you align, and sit there doing nothing while the diamonds blow up your ship, and your pod right after that, too.

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Doesn’t matter. Its the game they and you chose to play :smiley:

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