Heralding the Announcement of a "No Limits" Friendship

It is the mutual pleasure of Safety. and Senpai’s Afterschool Anime and Gaming Club to announce to all citizens of New Eden the beginning of the “no limits” friendship and partnership between the two regional hegemonies.

The unprecedented deepening of ties between these economic and military powerhouses is set to usher in a new era of economic, social, and strategic cooperation across the entirety of Amarr, Khanid, and Ammatar sectors of empire space.

Safety. has committed to sharing intelligence of adversarial movements through the Sasta - Esescama corridor—one of the cluster’s most vital trade pipelines—to help its partner conduct pacification operations against Pandemic Horde separatists and future military targets.

In return, Senpai’s Afterschool Anime and Gaming Club pledged to deploy heavy combat assets to Gheth and nearby satellite systems for the purposes of conducting joint military exercises, and indirectly assisting Safety. peacekeepers in their special military operation against apostates of the New Halaima Code of Conduct illegally mining/transporting goods in sovereign Safety. space as well as to “de-nutsify” AG insurgents operating in the area.

The leaders of the two factions, referring to each other as “dear friend,” conducted a series of lengthy meetings leading into the weekend, and capped off the diplomatic summit with an early-morning Stardew Valley gaming session.

Further developments to follow as more information becomes available.


The ole Hordling firey pancakes mm mmm :pancakes:

Is that the pipeline that I recently moved 16 very gankable ships through without seeing any sign of your group or Safety ? No Bowhead for me…I flew all 16 ships all 32 jumps ( and back in a shuttle ). One has to be a bit of a nutcase to do 900 jumps in 3 days…but then I think that may also be an Eve record.

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Didn’t you already do this in Uedama?

Praise Aiko.

You do know that I tore up that Magic Playtime with Destiny card cause of what you had done!

Maybe. Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy doing lots of jumps. I see people having apoplexy over 10 jumps, while I’m doing 52 each way. It’s not totally mad…as it is also a great source of intel, plus I get to know the Eve map off by heart.


Please tell me you have an OnlyFans page?


Both Aiko and I have our own. Maybe we’ll do a collab soon.



Keeping New Eden safe from highsec PVE’ers.

Still too afraid of lowsec, eh? I don’t blame you. Can be a challenge there…

I expect nothing less… or more, as is always the case with most children.


Filthy little buggers, caught them transporting adult toys more than once. Give them hell Destiny.

Whatever you say, imperialist pig-dog.

The smallest dog barks the loudest.

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Breaking News

A joint operation between Safety. and Senpai’s Afterschool Anime and Gaming Club intelligence services has yielded the interception of a shipment of illegal mining crystals and related paraphernalia banned under the joint environmental regulation treaty signed during the recent diplomatic summit between the two factions.

The Providence freighter-class vessel, intercepted in the Esescama system of the south-eastern sector’s Devoid region, was flying Pandemic Horde colors, and identified as a non-combatant during hailing transmissions. However, as its captain repeatedly refused to disclose the contents of their ship’s cargo, as well as its destination and intent, combat maneuvers were undertaken to disable the ship’s flight capabilities, and advanced scanning technology was employed to ascertain the nature of the freighter’s contents.

Upon establishing that the freighter was transiting with highly volatile mining crystals banned under international law, the corporation under which the ship was registered was immediately levied with a 2,000,000,000 ISK fine, and the Providence was escorted to the local Imperial Armaments Warehouse station for legal processing. Alternatively, the crew and commanding officer(s) could opt to eject and have their abandoned vessel confiscated, but that option was not exercised during this interception.

It remains to be seen whether illicit traffic will continue to flow through the corridor, despite intense policing efforts by SAFET and ASOBU customs agents and naval forces in the area.

All name(s) of charged/detained parties have been redacted pending further investigation and/or sentencing via closed-door military tribunals.


That cargo would all have fitted in my 75m ISK, 2.5 second align time, cloaky, 85K EHP, Gnosis. And I can fire back too ! I can never understand people who use 2bn ISK ships to transport low volume items.

You do have a sense of humor . Why would you use a big fat 2.5 second align Battlecruiser when you could use an even fatter insta warping webbed freighter?

By the way, don’t forget to renew your mining permit.

A combat vessel would’ve been taken out of commission without the benefit of being provided a diplomatic, administrative alternative option. For employees of certain organizations (like Pandemic Horde), having such infractions on record is an arguably worse outcome than paying a hefty fine.

Indeed, the amount of times that ship captains have dumped their cargo during my routine customs inspections, and tried to give me that puppy-eyed “I have no idea what that is or how it got there, officer!” line like hoodlums chucking their baggies of blue pills and crash boosters out of their rolled-down shuttle windows before being pulled over for FUI checks, is so big that it can no longer be quantified. At times, we’ve had to work crews overtime just to recover the endless jet cans full of illegal Zydrine and Navy combat modules dumped by smugglers trying to avoid being caught red-handed:


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Of course we will do what we can to bring order once again. Please send any spare crime fighting units to Gherh now.

Neither Senpai’s Afterschool Anime and Gaming Club nor Safety. recognizes New Eden Police Force as a legitimate institution, and will not submit to any of the latter’s claims of jurisdiction, considering any and all of the latter’s intragalactic resolutions as non-binding.


I think they recognize it as Police Farce instead. :wink:

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