SAFETY. is looking for law enforcement officers

Welcome to SAFETY. police station fellas.

We are looking for more members to catch stupid highsec carebears and are a pvp oriented alliance.

(portrait of our princess ready to pull over a covetor for having contraband)
Its not l-like i want you to blow up that r-retriever or a-anything b-baka!!

Our requirements

  • focus on honorable pvp in any space
  • must play videogames and have a computer
  • obey the law of highsec that has been outlined by our princess Aiko Danuja
  • must not have room-temp iq
  • enjoy dunking on miners, haulers and thieves

We offer regular miner purging fleets, discord memes and true freedom of speech (no jannies) and people to teach you how to play the game. Please remember to read the rules of highsec and wash your hands frequently.

I love you Aiko!! Please go out with me!


Do it for her!

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this scam alliance just want grief miner shoot mining ship steal everything isk doubling greefers and gunkers make isk through scamming and hurting abusing new player and extorting people selling wormholes in nowhere space and its just unfair plane dislike


Aiko is beautiful…

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Is there openeing in peaceful mining division? Definately want a high sec only pve corp to join. Thanks!

for all those words, you didn’t even do one complete sentence

Yes, all Highsec PvE miners and mining ratters are welcome to join for 0% no awox fun! We operate a comprehensive SAFE ZONE for all new players and dumb bears. We are 100% certified by @Dr_Wilson as a top tier Highsec mining guild.

omg, I’m like invincible!


Lies, slander, and fake news!

i joined the safety net so that one day aiko might hold my hand.

she hasn’t, yet, but maybe she might!

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