Safety Ice Mining Corp -no permit required!

There was once a rumor going around in High Sec New Eden that a Mining permit was required.
Not any more it seems as of right now even Princess allows safety miners to mine without a Permit!

Miner Busted without Permit

That’s right! James315 would Be Very Upset & So should you.


Frostpacker did try to honor the New Halaima Code of Conduct, though all we could spare was a single agent who is hired for Frostpacker Security.

Start by typing NO More Mining Permits! & Request that refund on your permits today!


Daft as a brush

But it shows how fickle they are, off messing up incursions now in damp towels.

Can’t get your mind out of the shower- eh?

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Just wanted to witness the shenanigans that has occurred since the recent correspondence from a high ranking official of the Safety Council in an evemail yesterday.

Apparently huge changes are on the horizon that probably give warrant to de-throne the Princess.


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True, campaigning apparently had already started perhaps weeks ago even and frostpacker will be supporting this New New New **Halaima Code of Conduct to be seated on the throne of New Enden Monarchy.

Lol @ frosty

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So Frosty, it appears you’re channeling your inner Wesfarn, and spam opening threads.

Are you really that starved for attention?

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Please try not to laugh as much as you like to deflect.

I am just reporting facts to hold Princess accountable for what happened and strongly believe that what had occurred goes against the New Halaima Code of Conduct,

She’s a princess. You’re a pleb. How does that work exactly?

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Even plebs hold their government accountable for any crime that was committed.

Frostpacker demands a Royal Commission investigation n the Alliance Safety and we are going to abolish the so called Mining Permits for the good of the New Capsuleers of New Eden

I can start the process, but you will need to send me 1 bil isk for fees and retainer.

You are not in charge of Safety

Summon your space criminal to answer the call and let’s abolish that old miner permit law for good!

@Sargon_Of_Amerish you better man up here if you are wanting funding from Frostpacker

Where you gonna gets the funds puppy? Everything you own , including your soul belongs to the Princess.

The evidence is there in the evemail and seeing Princess doesn’t Enforce
The New Halaima Code of Conduct, with the assumption that more Safety agents are secretly mining and worse attacking the mother ships to stop incursions to mine on their own.

What a naughty little puppy you are.


I’m not your puppy!

If you only knew the truth!

And what would that be, puppy?

One day, I’ll make you scream