Just a heads up about HS mining Permits

We together are taking a stand and rejecting the Princess of HS demand for payment of any miners permits .

Actions are currently taking place to de-throne Princess of her power over fellow miners who are demanded to pay some old law regarding miner permits.

Stay tuned.

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Anyone who actually pays for a “mining permit” is just allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.


That maybe true for some, though the mission here is to make it perfectly clear that Miner Permits are a double standard and that Safety alliance had lost control of their old laws set out by James 315

Who cares about the copious amount of pure drivel James315 projectile vomited out?
Those who were stupid enough to pay the extortion rackets got what they deserved.
I’ll never understand why some folk actually coughed up. Just move to a quiet system away from the major trade hubs if hisec mining is your thing.


The very essence had been broken which leads to the revelation that Princess Aiko is no longer fit for duty.

It’s time to step down from power and allow @Sargon_Of_Amerish lead the way Y124

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Whats the matter puppy, she blocked you again?


This sounds really wild.

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Why is everybody so afraid of her?

This can be a moment in New Eden history to de-throne a real princess from leeching hard mined funds from your ore holds

You guys are so adorable.

You mistake fear for adoration.

On your knees frostpecker.

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Every miner gonna be ganked? Very good :laughing:

I’d start with this troublemaker

Where is all this negative energy coming from fang?

Can anyone here explain to me what exactly this whole permit thing is? I ran into it the other day and I’m really curious as to what they are trying to gain by selling these “permits” and what exactly is happening if you don’t have a permit.

Sure Zaera can explain but will cost you 1 billion ISK

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Its a way to extort money out of gullible newbies to give them the illusion of safety. In reality it makes you an even bigger target. Dont pay the permit.


Praise Aiko

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Your just aiming to replace her

Nah, Sargon lacks the ability to defeat Aiko.