Ore and Mineral prices are dropping and it's all Aiko Danuja's fault!

Princess @Aiko_Danuja are you on vacation or something?

You know damn well that you have total and complete control over the price of ore and minerals.

You’re slacking! Don’t make me come out of the wormhole and do YOUR JOB for you!

I demand you get up off the couch and do your part to raise the cost of ore and minerals by destroying these ill-gotten gains before they can make it to market.


Ask not what your Aiko can do for you; ask what you can do for your Aiko.


Aiko is an urban legend, used to scare miners


Those who dwell in ore, will drown in ore.

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I’m not sure you’re up to it any longer. It might be time to pass on the torch to some other meme-girl.

When a small group of rag-tag police can beat the pants off of a group like Safety. at the Ouelletta FFA… It could be that you’re just past your prime. Unable to provide the market stabilization required for a healthy New Eden.

Have you named your successor?


I have absolute confidence Her Highness has everything well under control. :person_with_crown:

slams door


Act of God: Retriever Pack.

But ironically that will put up the price of ore, and hence the price of ships, and hence make ganking less affordable. Hmm…there’s probably a mathematical formula for the point at which it’s like someone sawing off the branch they are sitting on. Just as in nature…predators can’t be ‘too’ successful.


What do you mean use to?

Frostpacker is 9 x zero digit scared.

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Throughout history the number one reason for the downfall of the number one pilots is when they let GREED drive their gameplay.

The other reason is old age.

Thank BOB I’m greed free and I’ve got an all access pass to The Blood Raiders transfusion machines. An underrated fountain of youth!

We need to schedule a few sessions for @Aiko_Danuja at The Blood Spa. Try to rescue her before it’s TOO LATE!

Feeding on miners makes you smile and keeps you eternally young, the secret of eternal youth.


Isn’t right what the miners want? Farming so much minerals that they can use for industry or selling it moving the economy?

Frostpacker never places profit in front of entertainment when it comes to mining!

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Those who pray for ore at the system’s edge bring forth the mudslide.


May I ask you @Aiko_Danuja how come Amarr (Domain) Region doesn’t see a single Safety Officer?

In fact tried to search and not even over 10 pages deep on zKIllboard shows that a Safety Officer even cares out that Region.

I find it shocking when Frostpacker had discovered that your own pilot’s are unknown to your own home city.


What should’ve really been written there was; “Pay rent, on time each month, or move into Amarr!”

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What is wrong with you?

You started it.

/I feel upset but I would like to discuss this with you when I have gathered my thoughts.

See back a month ago Frostpacker was scared ie 9x zero scared completely shaking actually and worried where to run and hide my wares. Before not too long after the events that unfolded in April/May had presented concerning news from my Longbuck connection after a suggestion came through “Tell him to give you all his stuff!”

Sort of felt like the start of digging myself in a very deep hole (WHS) but that would not be a perfect getaway without first leaving breadcrumbs.

So that is what is wrong with me.

Mr Frostpacker has contacted me on my WHPD 911 line and he would like to apologize for poking the princess.

I’ve done what I could to calm him down but he’s demanding some form of police protection. I’ve explained that The Wormhole Police have very limited authority in Amarr space (and all of K-Space) and I’ve referred him to the Squid Police… Something tells me they won’t be willing to jump through 50 systems to assist.

Doesn’t matter, mined ore is free.