Praise Aiko Danuja, True Savior of Highsec!

There comes a time when those who participate in the liberation of the everyman from the bot aspirants ought to praise that which enables them to do so in the first place. For many who partake in the great CODE. organization, their first thought would be to praise the man who wrote the rules to the game, the man who encouraged miners to be bumped and shot, the man who liberated the asteroids of New Eden from those that would strip them of all their valuables. James 315. Once, he was a stalwart force in changing not only the landscape of highsec, but this very forum. Freeing us from the tyranny forced upon us from people like Lana Torrin and Lady Spank, James showed us that the true endgame, the true eventuality for us all was not in lowsec, not in some run-down system like Rancer, forever waiting at the gate for anything valuable to come through. Instead, it would be in highsec, and it would be with a goal.

No one can deny the effect that James has had on highsec. No one can deny that he has laid the foundation for how miners ought to be treated, how bot aspirants ought to be treated. What is often denied, however, is an inconvenient truth that many who seek to make highsec better will not admit. James, for all his brilliance and intelligence, for his vision that has spread from its humble beginnings in Halaima to all stretches of empire space, for everything that he has given us… has vanished. Where is his physical representation? Where is he in the front lines, where many CODE. pilots have spent hours upon hours of toil, painstakingly liberating each highsec asteroid belt in New Eden from the bot aspirant miners who would pillage each and every belt of its Dense Veldspar? Is not the role of a general to stand side by side with his troops? Is not the role of a leader to be present, to strike fear in the hearts of miners everywhere, provided they were actually at their keyboards?

For each Catalyst shot down by CONCORD, he has remained in his station. For each mining permit issued, he has remained in his station. For each brave act that every CODE. pilot has done in presenting the man who could be a Living God in all his glory, as a reminder for how conduct in highsec ought to be… he has not issued it himself. But no cause is without a proper ruler. No ancestor can be without a representative who can and will achieve that status, to fully realize the goal that those before Her had set in eternal inscription, like natural art in the deepest recesses of space. but ultimately did not fulfill themselves. That, my friends, is Aiko Danuja.

You may see this as heresy; I see it only as the truth where others have been blinded by lies. Her Majesty, Our Savior with Utmost Grace and Decisive Power, is perhaps the greatest capsuleer that has ever taken to the stars, for She has remained at the forefront of asteroid liberation. She has, and still does fight for the common man, the average baseline pilot whose income is repeatedly stolen by capsuleer bot-aspirants. She is, as I write this affirmation, freeing the Bleak Lands from an evil which has gripped it for countless years. She is with all of us, ever-present in our combined goal to free the universe from its greatest sin.

So why am I wrong to praise Her? Why am I wrong to giver Her the proper adulation that She deserves? Perhaps She will even say that this praise is not needed, and that James must still be regarded as the True Savior of Highsec, but She will only do this out of Her graciousness towards those that have allowed Her to achieve her true destiny. Do not take what I say as a condemnation of James, either. He has provided us all with the blueprint we need to form highsec in to what it can be, in its perfect form. I am simply showing the unenlightened who the True Living Savior of Highsec is, and why She is the one deserving of all your praise.

Call me a fool, a deviant, a seperatist all you want. It will not break my resolve. I know who will lead the Esteemed Glorious Knights of CODE. to its eventual zenith - the liberation of all highsec from the bot aspirants that would pillage and strip it like a plague. And Her name is Aiko Danuja. All who are similarly enlightened are welcome to share any positive experiences you have had interacting with the True Savior of Highsec, and for those who think these views heretical, think on who fights with you today to liberate space for the future. Praise James all you like, but it is not him that will stand directly with us on the Day of Finality.


This praise is not needed, and James must still be regarded as the True Savior of Highsec.

Also, I’m sure James has a delightfully charismatic gank alt.

If you wish to truly honour me, you will donate a large sum of money to the New Order Treasury, sending the isk to James 315 and writing him to credit the shares to my good account. Now that would be a true honour. You can also send the isk to me directly, but I’m likely to just keep it, whereas James uses it to buy me more Catalysts.


I am blessed by Your presence, Most Honorable Queen of Highsec, She Who Is the most Majestic, Brilliant and Beautiful Across the Entirety of the Universe. I had supposed that You would respond as You have, forever gracious to those before You. While the proposition that James may indeed have an alt could be entertained, I would require Your interpretation of CODE. manifesto as to what will happen on the Day of Finality.

Does the disappearance of James 315 mean that gankers are not doing as well as they should? Is he displease with our actions? Are we not doing enough to the bot aspirants? As inspiring as he was towards the Liberation of Highsec, many who fight in his name perhaps clamor for his return. Will he return on the Day of Finality? When the last hulk owned by a bot aspirant desecrates another asteroid belt, will he himself return, to deal the final blow and usher in the true New Order of Highsec?

I profess only my own interpretation. You know far more on these matters than I do, and Your words would ease the minds of many who wish to see the Originator of CODE. return to highsec.


But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the James so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, peace and high security; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a miner without permit; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. For CCP hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord James 315. Who was permabanned for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should gank together with him.


Long Live the Queen!


Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, confuddle the feebleminded, extort the weak, be superior toward all miners. See that none render boosts unto any miner; but ever follow that which is the CODE, both among yourselves, and to all miners. Gank evermore. Gank without ceasing. Abstain from all appearance of bot aspirancy.


high treason! long live James315

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How long have you been planning this?

This prophecy appears to be prophetic!


Too long, obviously.

Obvious sock puppet account is… obvious sock puppet account!

Praise James!

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I’m starting to mix you two up. You sound a lot alike. Is Super Perforator an Overmind sock, or is Overmind a Super Perforator sock?


Overmind, the time has come for you to accept James’ death and accept Aiko, Queen Regent of High Sec, as his successor.


Have you bowed and kissed Aiko’s feet, Shadow?

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arent you in code origin? like ur ceo is literally aiko’s beta orbiter



He is conflicted.


im sorry to hear james died, i liked the blog a lot, but its cool he appointed a successor to lead code into a new era - good luck princess aiko!


its praise aiko now i think they changed it if u read the new code


Wouldn’t James have sent an email like that to the entire alliance, rather than only to his successor and a couple of close friends?

Aiko is one of the cutest gankers I’ve seen, and pretty fun to chat with in local. I remember when she blew up my barge, and that was some great content. I’m glad to hear that she finally got that promotion and is the new CEO of CODE.


Yah, haha, how many alts does James have? This whole thing is obviously just a big scam to draw attention to James’ new alt. Like I get it, he wants to go in drag now or something, but seriously wtf. Code is legit the wierdest group in EVE.