The greatest Blog in EVE history is coming to a close

Minierbumping is ceasing updates.

CCP should erect a statue to honor James 315 and Minerbumping in Jita(halaima is also acceptable), for this amazing feat of a blog that lasted 8 years. EIGHT years. He has posted almost every single day.

Truly, a wonderful and great chapter of EVE history is coming to a close.

All hail James 315. Code will continue its efforts.


:red_circle: I know one should not feed the troll but … Good riddance. Looks like that fake princess is not up to the task.

Indulging in and condoning botting, afk and bot-aspirant behavior in their own ranks … The face that saved high sec … :joy:


Show us on the doll…


:red_circle: Sadly I don’t have a doll to show you. CODE never managed to gank any of my freighters, DST or BR. They tried multiple times and Siegfried Cohenberg has some fond memories of me tricking him a couple of times. :innocent:

It is actually sad that I never managed to pull of a gank of my own on one of his shiny Machariels. Especially the latest edition with X-Type abyssal MWD.



The blog is shutting down, ganks are continuing.

So you have all the opportunity and time in the world to try and gank their machariel.

Of course, i know it will never happen, because you guys are always all talk no substance.


Statues are erected to commemorate exeptional persons and their accomplishments or unique events. Your James 315 and small PvP gang operating in high-sec does not qualify for that honor.

Don’t even try to compare the legendary ten years journey of Katia Sae to eight years of posting on external blog by James 315.


You are right, apples and oranges.

James got more tears so maybe the monument should depict a waterfall in space.


In the event that the OP is legit:

Much like TEARS, CODE had it’s time and now needs to quietly slink off into the night.

You know that won’t happen though. The remains will struggle for relevance and lost glory for at lease a year before moving on to other F2P MMOs with lax gank mechanics.

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btw why the blog is closing? its was funny…
dont close , put it on a free host or something …


Says you.

I think she should get a statue, too. But remember, the Blog has touched more hearts and minds than her 10 year journey ever has or ever will.


Code isnt shutting down, only the blog, Minerbumping, is ceasing updates.

Code will still be here.

People say that every year. And yet, every year we get a Grr Code thread.


It is hard to imagine the New Order without the blog to rally around.

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I for one am all for the statue as long as it’s destructible with the ehp of an Iteron V.


Katia Sae has a memorial so no need to put up a new one. I can agree on giving James a gold star sticker but a statute or memorial HA keep on dreaming CCP may do stupid ■■■■ but they are not that stupid.

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It is hard to do anything stupider than put up a memorial for somebody who spent 10 years in an MMO, just wandering around with minimal player contact.


James 315 and CODE have influenced EVE far more than Katia Sae ever has or ever will. Though I applaud her achievement, 90% of the player base has never even heard of her. On the other hand, everyone knows about CODE and James 315…


And even more people know about Goonswarm :smiley:

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Fair enough. We should have a dedicated system with monuments to various influential players and groups. Katia, James, CODE, BOB, Goons, etc…

When you and your organization single handedly affect the behavior, fits, loadouts, and shipping routes of every player in high sec for years, I’d say that’s quite an achievement…


I did not know that.

I dont mind it, frankly i never even knew they erected a monument to begin with.

CCP ran a special segment on the top 13 must-see places in New Eden. Katia’s statue was on there.

It seems odd that she is the only player in the history of the game to have her own monument.