"James 315" initiative

Copy my in game mail for school alfa playr who with frindes destroy this game.

I recently returned to the game… What am I watching?
Humiliation and deprivation of rights of PvE players and those who love the relaxing gameplay of mineral extraction!

Eva online from a good game has turned into a …

Thank you! for destroy my favored mining ship from 2010 year.

Now I will not waste time in this game but simply delete it.

Thanks for the great job! You do a great job of throwing normal players out of the game, get only the bot.<<

a letter from this moral monster:

War for High Sec
Отправитель: Lewak
Дата отправки: 2019.03.24 05:00
Кому: Lao’Ki Sham,

Dear Miner,

Your ship was recently a casualty in the War for High Sec.

Bots and bot-aspirant players, like you, have overrun the game, ruining the economy and making Eve a terrible game. Not only is inflation skyrocketing, but faction warfare has recently been overrun, making that aspect of the game unplayable.

Thanks to the vision of James 315 we have guidelines for hunting these enemies of Eve: we have The Code. Being AFK is the tell-tale sign of a bot-aspirant.

The CODE. alliance has been around for 6 years. We are one of the best PVP alliances and number 1 in hunting bots. Our killboard speaks for itself:

You only have three real options:

  1. Get a mining permit. Costs 10 mil isk for 1 year and you have to read and follow The Code.

  2. Move to Nullsec or lowsec and continue your botting ways, just not in New Order space (High Sec).

  3. Put down your mining laser and join the cause. PVP is the best part of the game, and small gang elite pvp is the best! Convo me or email me and I’ll help you get started.

You can find information on our exploits at www.MinerBumping.com

Choose to be a better person.

With sincere hope for your improvement,


Believe me, bot players do not care for “James 315” initiative.

I know entire corporations that are 100 windows farming on bots since from 2013.
No one of them are banned and they don’t care about these guys.

The conclusion of all this: these bastards spoil the game to normal players and beginners. More ignore it CCP.

Delet this topic again or close? Who are you protecting? Moders? Bullies who spoil the game?


Closed due to ranting.