The James 315 QuitMark Metric

@James_315 quit killing miners after he was griefed by @The_Aggressor - according to legend, the Aggressor was James himself, killing an alt. I am not allowed to link the killmail, since killmails constitute griefing, but you can visit

In the starry skies of high security space, griefers have long observed the decline of James 315’s alltime killboard ranking. He was once dunking Orcas, and then nothing, nobody ever heard from him again (aside from a few apparitions in Hek).


Whilst completing my PhD in advanced success (Conoban Comets Gogogo!), I observed this phenomenon for myself, as his rank descended the 100,000 mark. As decline continues, observable and measurable thanks to the archives of @Squizz_Caphinator - I dare hypothesize, my friends, that we might measure the health of EvE’s population by the James 315 QuitMark Metric.


Last week, 151 people passed James in their tiresome grind to the summit. If we see that number increasing, such that rate of James decay accelerates, then we can presume a new generation of players is overcoming their first significant loss. If that number is decreasing, then we may have cause for concern.

Have you passed the QuitMark? Do you have a memorable story about your QuitMark moment? Mine came in Halaima, when an Orca exploded on me. That was a sign. Let us now think upon the next generation, those newbros who have reached the first milestone in EvE. Who are the James 315’s of today? If you haven’t yet reached your QuitMark, what are your plans to do so, and how will you celebrate QuitMark Day?

According to griefboard metrics, newbro @Dizast skyrockted past a dozen uninstalled bittervets after an epic battle in outer space. Amazing.

I will return in one week to observe whether the rate of decay has changed.

I wonder what amazing adventures lie ahead for everyone!

We Believe in You

Oh Highsec you so silly.

Nooo. I created this character with the intent of losing as many ships as possible. Maybe even a record number. He’s been failing dismally so far…but has at least made a start…

James315… more like James2015.

Move on, kid.

A very good attempt at banter. You’re doing great!



As the song goes…things can only get better.


Umm… on a mobile, so this may not be the thing…

I just Noticed


Toon I learned to Pvp on, Now I rot inside a Super thats never used :slight_smile:

Tilt my hat to those pilots who go out of their way to find targets in Highsec to shoot.


This week was rough for those seeking to surpass James 315. :frowning_face: Only 95 players graduated from capsuleer basic training. We will see if this is an anomaly, or if it foreshadows the ultimate decline of EvE Online. :rocket:

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Although the reason for the thread appears to be simply more opportunities for posturing, the basic concept isn’t completely without merit.

While using a static point like a single old score to measure isn’t overly useful (all it reveals is that some of the couple thousand ranks below James’ old score are still active), it might be interesting to know what the lowest rank is, and how many ranked alts there.

That would give some idea of how many alts are being used in PvP over time. Unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to get the total or lowest-ranked player. The lowest I’ve seen is a bit shy of 300,000.

Which is interesting in itself, I guess. In all the years of zKillboard, with all the alts and multiboxing players do, and all the big alliances battles… only 300k alts have been active in PvP?

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Just ask @Squizz_Caphinator

Nooo…as the first thing that is evident to me is that one does not even get an alltime rank unless above a certain number of kills. I know this as one of my 15 alts only has 51 kills yet shows no ‘alltime rank’ figure at all. Another has 9 kills, and again no alltime rank. Only two of my chars, with 467 kills and 280 kills, have alltime rank figures. So it seems there is some number of kills below which you dont get an alltime rank. I’m guessing its probably 100.

As a huge number of those who partake in PvP do only have a small number of kills…that would make the total of PvP-ers far larger than 300K.

Almost two weeks had passed and time for an update.

Also this thread had inspired frosty to try to make it onto the list.

I don’t even have a rank at all according to zkillboard lmao.

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Hello pilot can you help me with something please?

Your zkillboard is not important…

What is of most importance to this community is that you increase your forum status from basic user.

I invite you to be a member of the forum freedom fighters where together we fight hard against the negative Kelley’s and debate against their forum banter.

Zkillboard can come later and don’t be afraid of Princess Aiko or her cronies as they are not in control.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn:

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You keep this up Uriel and frosty has not forgotten the duel you owe us

We will fight with 6 to your one good pilot.

Vexor madness vs Frostpacker

But did you buy a dueling permit from me? It costs 1 billion ISKies. :smiling_imp:

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