No. Go away.

No need for another perfect intel tool for krabs.

But what is the point of public killmails?

Zkill puts up everyone involved in killmail even if he don’t have ESI up. And since most of PvP keeps track of how big his ego is (read: killboard). I don’t think there is much data that is not on zkill

Funny, there are hundreds of my KMs not on Zkill

Yeah, because you have to manually post them, or log into zkb and provide the ESI scope necessary for zkb to pull those killmails.

And who really cares about this?
So someone wants to pretend some numbers on a third party eve service website are important. Just let them?

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Quantify “load”.

so the Answer is “Load” = 3

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Can’t we just get rid of out of game killmails, if you want to share do it ingame. This whole killboard wanking is just boring,


Big corporations/alliances use their own private tools/killboards to track members’ activity and to greatly help with their ship replacement programs. Doing it only with in-game kill/loss feed is PITA.

As with ZKB… it may be a boring e-peen measurement tool for you, but an invaluable intel tool for others when they choose whether to engage or avoid someperson.


But an invaluable intel tool for others when they choose whether to engage or avoid some person.

Do you realize what you just encouraged?


In Eve information is power, especially in small-scale/solo engagements: who they are, what do they usually fly, who they fly with etc. - is all an important stuff to know before you choose your course of actions.


You encouraged to less content, risk awareness should be based on what your scouts tell you. Not sitting on a killboard and decide that “no we might loose” so let’s keep spinning the ship.

what scouts ?

You completely missed his point.
Not everybody is fighting with scouts.

You don’t understand why, but for some people it’s important to have knowledge on what can happen. Otherwise thy would just NOT take a fight.

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“One mark of a great soldier is that he fight on his own terms or fights not at all.”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

And you clearly yet again missed the bigger picture but I will yet again help you see the bigger picture.

Eve online is an MMORPG that is a massive multiplayer online it should encourage you to work together, not sitting solo and google the right answers.

I would like to think a human scout should always trump a database, I would like to see that if you want the information about your enemies you have to work for it, not getting spoon-fed with it.

This is the other thread all over again, more people in a fleet with specialized roles should always win over a blingy kitchen and fleet with lesser people that are not working together and just google the enemy.

And I would certainly have that approach in real-life risk awareness. But not when we talk about space pixels.

And I can understand what you mean by posting that cliche, the real problem is people don’t want to work in eve anymore. If killboard wasn’t available you would have to use scouts and spies a lot more. Instead of finding good ways to overcome issues the new player has a more toxic mindset they want to be served everything they want to sell plex to get blingy ships so they don’t have to learn the missions rant can go on and on.

I know, i dont like to post because it makes my character look bad, which makes baiting people into a fight easy.

Holy ■■■■ you are dumb.
No it should not encourage you to always play together.
That’s this stupidity that makes people risk adverse. Because when you don’t play solo, you play for a group, and playing for a group pushes more responsibilities.

So what you are encouraging is actually the real reason for what you are complaining about.

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You shouldnt just insult someone because they have a different point of veiw.

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