Zkills and its short comings

So make sure if your ganked you post the kills on zkill.

some groups are not signing up with zkill so they don’t show up , look at the link below only two out of this group shows up losing his ship to concord

we need to find and identify these people so please post kills if your not signed up


Was caught bootlegging Tobacco the other day and even had my gate pass inside the cargo.

This is not showing on zKill

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Hint, if the gankers are in NPC corps, you can get the KMs from their ingame corp killboard with respective chars. Player corps … get spies in.



Also, you’re.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Mainly to circumvent situations where gankers don’t immediately post the kills they get. If the ganked player posts their loss, then the anti-ganking crowd have an additional way to know where gankers are active.

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Thank you


Oh I didn’t know that , I’ll look next time I’m on .

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Just remember this only works for corps where you have a character IN that corp, nobody outside of the corp can see it


Its almost like having to work for intel is part of the job :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s pretty lame for CCP to not include such things the likes of Killboard and Pyfa and a comprehensive encyclopedia right into the game. They no doubt rake in enough money to do that. Are they such tightwads or is it simply laziness?


Can you stop being a massive uninformed cry baby?

Thank you.

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No, I cannot. Whatcha gonna do about it?


See you’re forgetting how many servers they need to maintain and how many developers they need to pay along with the merch they need to pay for etc

Sure they bring in money but its not stupid levels of money, you’re also forgetting the part about community engagement, squizz only hangs around because he runs zkill, if he didn’t have to do that he probably wouldn’t be here, the same with a lot of other player run sites, and when players have a site to build and maintain it keeps them invested, CCP doing all of this would eliminate that and hurt the community overall

In the long run its in CCP’s best interest to let us handle these things

Hello, Cypherous
No, I’m not forgetting that. But upward of $15 million per quarter on average, you’d think they’d have a little money to pay a couple of guys over a few months to include those, wouldn’t you?

So you’re saying we don’t have those things in-game for the sake of keeping a few players?? Seeing how many players EVE has lost lately I find that argument kind of moot.

Please explain how a few guys running out-of-game web-based apps who might be leaving if CCP decides to circumvent them would hurt the community because I don’t see that.

Please explain how it’s in CCP’s best interest ( besides not having to pay a couple of guys to include and maintain - not much maintenance once it’s up and running, though - a few added features ) to let “us” ( who’s us btw? ) handle those things, because, again, I don’t see that as being the best thing to do.
Can you name a couple of games that let other people who are not employees handle features that should be in their game? Because I can’t think of any ( but I don’t play that many online games, maybe three at most and not even as regularly as I play EVE )


Where are you seeing that as profit exactly?

I can see EVE on the PA earnings sheet just as “income” but they don’t break down the operating costs of each game only in total, and 15 million per quarter only works out to 3.75 million per month before operating costs and wages have to come out

According to glassdoor a gameplay developer at CCP earns $71k a year, so lets say 6k a month or $23k per quarter

Having just 10 of those means you’re already paying out $230k per quarter, and CCP hires a few more than 10 developers, this isn’t including artists, audio engineers, network and DB admins, HR, PR and marketing roles, then you have GM’s fluent in multiple languages, wikipedia says 250 employees as of 2018, number may differ now, but even assuming modest wages of 30k per year thats still easily $2.5 million per quarter in wages alone, and as i mentioned earlier a number of those staff will be potentially earning twice that

Then you need to add in the costs of adverts, the costs of CDN’s, the costs of replacement server hardware, the costs of software licenses the costs of server hosting the costs of rent the costs of building maintenance the costs of consumables, the costs of liability insurance the costs of training the costs associated with helping employees relocate, the costs of events like fanfest and soon the AT again

Obviously CCP makes a profit but looking at the $15 million quarterly income only tells a stupidly small part of the story

Its more than a “few”, because people use the website, zkill itself helps numerous 3rd party tools operate, hell one of the websites i run is fed by information zkill provides and the same is no doubt true for a great number of other 3rd party tools, tools which may no longer function if CCP were to centrally host a killboard, atleast not without a massive amount of extra work which might include resorting to scraping the new killboard

There are so many layers to this onion

This is why CCP isn’t asking you for ideas :slight_smile:

Because we can format the tools how we want, include the specific information we want, there are numerous pieces of information the ingame client doesn’t tell you and you have to resort to accessing the API in order to get these details, it would mean CCP wouldn’t need to provide these endpoints so there would be loads of information we might no longer have any access to

The development turnaround for changes to Pyfa or EVEMon or any of these other tools is so much faster than anything CCP could provide, from a personal example, without the API i wouldn’t be able to tell you that the exact range for a Proximity Extraction Filament from Pochven is 2.5 lightyears, because the ingame stats don’t seem to list this quite important piece of information

Without 3rd party tools like hoboleaks we wouldn’t have known that CCP reduced the lifespan of Pochven C729 wormholes from 16 hours to 12 hours

Without the SDE dotlan wouldn’t be able to give you jump calculators or route planners or other information on star systems, out of game fitting tools wouldn’t exist and you would need to do that all via the game client

Sites like Tripwire wouldn’t exist, sites like eve-marketeer wouldn’t exist, eve-praisal wouldn’t exist, sites like mine wouldn’t exist, eve-scout would greatly struggle to offer the same functionality it does and you wouldn’t be able to have things like waitlists for public fleets or complex things like industry and PI calculators, there are so many tools out there that simply wouldn’t exist if CCP were to take everything in-house and the community would be so much more worse off for it, i appreciate a lot of people can’t look at the massive scope of things this affects so i don’t hold that against you in the least

Pick a major MMO and you’re going to find stupid numbers of tools and external websites dedicated to providing things to their players, things like WoW and FFXIV and SWOTOR all have tools like DPS calculators, WoW afaik also allows certain client modifications to help players

Finding examples of games that are greatly improved by the community projects isn’t exactly hard to do, hell i’ve run websites for games that no longer exist to provide things those games didn’t provide and they existed with the developers blessings, as do the majority of fansites and tools


Well okay then.

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That is all in the API access isn’t it?

He won’t be answering you. He’s gone from the forum. He messaged me in-game, he said he’d had enough of jerks so he won’t be returning to the forum… I may leave, too. This forum is too full of jerks to enjoy any conversation.

When reading the forum I assume that everyone puts on various hats or at least that is what I do when replying to a thread.

Tin Foil Hat
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…then there is the trolling hat.


What do you mean by “various hats”? Playing a role? Pretending?