Ganking tactics

So Ive been watching these guys gank people in highsec for some time now. I looked up there killboard to try and see when and where they engage people. But I noticed these guys are not using cheap destroyers. They are using tornados but the loss mail is not showing on zkill. Are they not posting losses? The pod kills are my main toon which my kills/losses auto post. But 4 pods warping all flashy tells me they lost ships. But there were no wrecks on the gates. Is this magic

If their character or their corp/alliance doesnt have it set up to auto post kills and losses it wont show up, if someone shoots them and gets on the KM and has it set up to auto post it will show up. Zkill isnt 100% accurate as there are some people that do not have it auto post kills/losses so they can choose to manually post kills and ignore losses.

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