Zkillboard! Missing kills!

:point_right: Zkillboard missing Kills! :pensive:

If I shoot one suspect down, but I don’t get the killing blow, because a random person passes by, and they’ll wait for him to die, then shoot in the last moment and get the killing blow! He never posts it on the killboard, or the suspect never posts it, so therefore it would never come up on the kill board!

(I can imagine there are many who have a similar issue)

It is too bad that i cant post the kill myself. Can CCP please make it so that all kills you are on gets in the combat log so it gets posted on the killboard automatically when you linked your API to the killboard. Now is only killblow get combat log!

Something negative to add is that it’s not possible to post the kill yourself! I’ve made all the dmg and because one person shoots when he has 10% Structure back, so I don’t get the kill. It’s pretty annoying!
and it happens quite often!

In the last month i lost around 20 kills even a orca. :persevere:

CCP please fix this! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

A completely different topic! I have never understood why the CCP never created their own kill board!?
Eve online is a pvp game!

I wish greatly that you would implement an in-game killboard! It’s missing! :blush:

No, it is not.


Why shouldn’t we have that ingame?

Why should we?

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Easy to check people, what their experience is. in all fleet people always link some kill from zkillboard!
you always have to get out of the game to see it!

If you want to show a kill and it’s 300 kill the page, you’ll never find the kill in your combat log but have to link that website! why it is cumbersome!

It’s just my opinion about it :slight_smile:

We use many help programs for Eve online, Evemon, killboard, Tripwire and more
Would be easier if some of them were part of the game!

Now I have 3 screen for my computer, but remember clearly since I only had one it was right the
annoying to remove the focus from the game to open a website to see something!

I agree CCP should take over the functions currently served by Zkill, but mostly for other reasons. Once a website like this becomes integral to the game and very heavily used, it should be run by the game company. CCP isn’t alone in this abuse (WoW has wowhead etc.). Many of these sites have abusive advertisement setups that will practically crash your computer if you leave the tab open for extended time.

An alternative fix for the complaint of the OP, however, would be to give the “kill mail” to all involved, instead of just the victim and the pilot who got the killing blow. I actually think this makes more sense. Right now we have to use Zkill to link a kill we were involved in if we didn’t get the killing blow. Killing blow is a poor representation of contribution on a single kill.


No, isn’t needed since this game isn’t about stat padding.

stat padding?` Dont understand what you mean

So you say if I shoot a suspekt 90% of dmg then don’t I deserve to killboard?
because one steals killblow.?

Owner for Zkillboard Run that website really well respect for it!
But still wanted it was the CCP that run it,

But I quite agree with you

I have hundreds of kills that aren’t on zkill. Don’t care because I killed them for fun, not so I can show off numbers.

Exactly but now you have shot them, so they can just as well be shown on killboard.

Some are very much into it, i know many ppl who have 15-20k kill + they only play the game for killboard
why should they not have 100% kill on killboard… 15,000 kill I sure they probably lack 1000-3000 kill
It’s pretty many kill

Kills are worthless.

Killboard tell a lot about you, Eksempel If I run into two in null sec, and i can se both have 100 kill and 500 lose, So I know how good they are for pvp, It is not often you win something in the air with your ships only, but often because of experience or number of people, It is quite clear to see how good pvp people are because of their killboard!

What kind of ship they fly what to fit the normal user, how good skills point ppl have, if ppl fly a loot of t2 item but still have t1 gun you know he have bad skills to gun!

It tells you much more about you than you just expect…

but can see you are even quite active fleet pvp plays so all the things you know well :grinning:

Killboards are meaningless and this thread is worth just as much. All they do is add to the increasingly risk-adverse culture that’s been plaguing the game for years, while providing no real value.

No, compensating for what’s missing in your life isn’t providing value.

I’m all for abolishing killmails entirely again. Solves a whole lot of other issues as well.


Actually I think this game would have been far better off without the KM system.

It promotes excessive risk aversion, KM whoring, stat chasing, and a lot of the behaviors that many have quit over.

Edit: And no, to the last point in the OP.

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We can all hold our peace and keep each other hand, or go out and mine,
What an exciting game Then I would probably just slip over to the world of warcraft! It would then at least be a little excitement :joy:

pvp is a big part of eve online, try to remove it and server would have max. 2000 plays back, KM System follow pvp

Eve being a great Pvp game and adjusting or removing the current KM system are not mutually exclusive.

My experience in both Null Sec Alliances and Low Sec pirate groups has been that about 25% actually like the existing KM system, about 50% put up with it but think it tracks too much and about 25% don’t like it and think it should be removed from the game in order to promote more Pvp.
Your experiences may have been different.

The current system makes many avoid solo pvp due to the concern of blobbing which is a direct result of the strong desire to keep your KB green through strength in numbers.

lol, no. Most important because CCPs implementation would be half-assed and bug riddled at launch, get a few fixes and then be ignored for at least three years. The history of EVE is littered with barely functional add-ons, such as Captains Closet, EVE-Gate, EVE voice, EVE twitch integration and others that fortunately have fallen by the wayside.

Whatever little resources CCP spends on EVE should be directed at the core product.

It seems to me that CCP has been staring into a developmental “fog bank” with the core game.
It could also just be a developmental “desert” though.

Either they don’t know where they should/can take the core game, or they are approaching a developmental “corner” where they can’t effectively take the core game any further. That could be a combination of internal and external factors, such as a divided player base.