ZKill have been kneecapping EVE for far too long (some evidence)

Before you berate me, please at least hear me out and give me chance to make my point.

First I must disclaim I have some bias against kill mails, I have argued for the removal or anonymization of this feature in the past.

But I would like to expand this topic in this thread giving some scientific proof and argue that killmails in the current shape is an existential threat against the game.

Here is my thesis, “If we give the players (victims) a chance to hide their loses they will be willing to take more risks”

But Is just me (Do I need therapy) or does any evidence exists that links anonymity with risky behavior?

Turns out there might

  • D’Agata, M.T., and Kwantes, P.J. (2020) Personality Factors Predicting Disinhibited and Risky Online Behaviors. Journal of Individual Differences 2020 41:4, 199-206 https://doi.org/10.1027/1614-0001/a000321

This is the abstract for this paper (it is very short I but very good)

The current study examined how individual differences relate to one’s tendency to feel disinhibited in the online space. We conducted an online study for which we developed two short measures to assess online disinhibition and risky online behaviors. Specifically, we examined the relationship between feelings of anonymity and invisibility in the online environment and personality. Moreover, we hypothesized that feelings of disinhibition in the online realm would be strongly related to engaging in risky behaviors.

And the result concludes

As expected, online disinhibition was positively related to risky online behaviors.

There is also an article in psychologicalscience.org

You can read the whole article here

But here is the interesting part

“Social modeling” was shown to have a large effect on their behavior. Anonymous participants responded more aggressively when they witnessed examples of aggression, and less so when they did not.

But is this a cherry pick study ? Am I falling to confirmation BIAS ?
There is more evidence a LOT

So all these studies conclude that anonymity is a factor that lead to people take more risk and anti-social behaviors.

Now back to EVE ,

You may argue that Eve player is already anonymous, Yes but Eve is the type of game where your main character because almost a part of your persona

Is it fair for the Executor?

I would argue the executor can have the kill mails but without the victim name or coorp.

If we give the player the ability to fail anonymously could improve the risk-taking in this game. Think this way. For people that can’t dance (like me) would you be more willing to try dance in a room full of people where everyone can laugh at you if you had a mask or not?

I may be overstretching but don’t underestimate psychology, especially in Eve-online.



Do you know how zkillboard gets the killmails?


zkill is the primary font of pleasure in my way playing eve
i think without zlill i probably would lost interest in the game

to me zkill is a great scoreboard , more than that , is the historical document about my char adventures.
the winnings and losses
i play another game called slay the spire , i have 400 yours in it , my pleasure is to try to beat my record in the scoreboard …

zkill only report kills by people who gave them the permission to access the caracter API
if you don’t ( as the majority of non PVP players do) most things you do ARE secret , they don’t apear on zkill
but if a fella like me kill you , you may apear, by checking MY API records zkill may see that i killed you

that said most PVP players fight other PVP players and the records of PVP vs NON PVP kills is a small fraction , reserver mostly to gankers , a niche subset of PVP players

why do you want to put a end on many players favorite meta game?
and more important why you want more

??? we dont want anti social people in our games, we want competitive people

and to be frank NO ONE is interested in looking at a mostly empty killboard , if a consultation is made it will probably last seconds because there no story to be told there, i checked you character name and you DONT apear on zkil at all

i think you have some kind of paranoia in the sense that no one cares what you do… and you say that this supposed record interfere in your gameplay… just stop that

i understand wat you are talking about , its called ladder anxiety , its common in online games, but the only solution is stoping the anxiety or killing the competitive ladder

one is a individual improvement ,the other is ruining the game because of the weaker players
chess have a ELO ladder and chess. com for example benefits a lot from the competitive aspect of the game…
people check magnus rank , hydra (in the time i played starcraft ) ranks, not joe doe tutucox rank

i have only one char , i live in arzad wen in LS , or in amarr wen in HS , you can find me there … i can say this on the forums to everyone because , nobody really cares

there is no players watching what you do , if you undock a super expensive ship from jita or amarr some guys MAY scam you and try to kill you for loot , thats it , dock in a station 3 jumps away and you are virtually anonymous


I diagnose you with “caretoomuchaboutkillboarditis”


if you pew pew a scrub in the middle of a non killboard space does it make a sound?
people like to have a scoreboard/history of their runs
unfortunately eve don’t have a in game one , combat history is limited to last hits and is not public
so zkill fulfill a function that have demand among the player base

yesterday we participated in a war vs the other corp , look …

etc etc

i have 1500+ losses on zkill
do you think my hands didn’t shake in the beginning?
do you think i never sleep sad about it?
do you think some troll never used it to make fun of my failures ??

of course all that happened , but thats integral part of the competitive PVP scene

because i just cant STFU

there is no victim in a multiplayer pvp game, that word fits more a true crime show , this is a videogame , there are only players on 99,9% of all interactions


You know I actually used to play a lot PVP Games

Dota 2 (+600 h) (where people can see my profile public and see exactly my MMR and how much I wind and lose)

Warthunder (+400 hours) , i love see my badges at the ned of the battle

And a little mobile game called “Brawl Star” and trust me I am VERY competitive there you have not idea , Once reached the top 100 of my country (yeah I live in a small one), and my record is 100% public there.

So you see is not about the competition I like competition but in none of those games you can’t see exactly who I killed (well dota you could but the other person need to make his data public), I don’t have the need to expose the other party, there is no public record of how much I make that other person lose. That could be a powerful deterrent to some people, probably I am in the minority, perhaps, but I would argue that it is normal human behavior as the studies showed up.

You could still have your killboard but, don’t argue about that (I actually use it for fitting) but won’t public the name of the victim.

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none of those games have any consequence wen you die
i much prefer world of tanks blitz than war thunder
but they are nothing like eve

ps: stop with this victim BS
zkill dont even mention your existence like i said before

Killboards are for carebears. These guys won’t even undock if they think they might run into a situation that might affect their K/D ratio. None of their character names start with A, B, C, X, Y or Z so they can hide in a blob and whore their way into a capital kill.

Killboards are one of the worst things to be introduced into the game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


@Mr_Epeen your name is not mentioned on zkill to

what a coincidence :astonished:

For disinhibition people would rather use alts.

Before Zkiill, there were other killboards that provided the same service and EVE thrived while they were around.

Killboards have been and always will be a blight upon this game, they don’t add any content to the game nor do they generate / remove ISK.

Killboards were created for the sole purpose of stroking one’s own ego and to shame other players.


All kills shall be public. The KB is the leaderboard, and recorded history of EvE, you can share and talk about. EvE with no way to talk about (objective facts) will lose appeal to most players quickly.


If that was the case then CCP would have made that info available in-game.

No, the recorded history of Eve is in all the various videos currently available on youtube.

In fact CCP just recently asked players to submit videos for Eve’s 18th Birthday.

Haha, that’s a stretch and quite far from the truth.

You’re just mad because yours is entirely red

Oh you have some new entries. And you say they add no content to the game? I’m incredibly entertained!

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90% of all YouTube eve content is gone or not easily accessible anymore. Also nobody watches videos to get a quick idea about what happened when in EvE. Videos are also fabricated, kills are not. Battlereports created from zkill are what is talked about, and drawn conclusion on.

EDIT: you added the celeb video from CCP, are you in it? I am, and can prove via zKill. :smile:

And you’re just a lying troll. It’s not entirely red. You seriously need to get your eyes checked, or better yet, remover those dark glasses since they’re obviously messing with your eyesight.

And yes they add no content to the game. In fact you can’t even view KB stats in-game, you have to go out of the game. As for you being incredibly entertained, that’s easily done for simple minds like you.

By the way, thanks for proving my point that Killboards are only used to either stroke your own ego or as in your case, to shame other players.


That’s your opinion.

I’ve been to a lot of Eve meets and also on various Eve Discourse Chats, the subject of Killboard stats has never been brought up or talked about.

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While those are facts

I disagree with that. A list of combat activity is always useful to have. Not only to know who can do what and which level in the game he must be ( not just the leader, slim chance of meeting him in-game ) but for Intel purposes as well.
Take zKillboard as a news entity for EVE. New Eden is at war. I want to know what goes on in the systems I exploit and the routes I take.


Dude, in your 13 years of EVE history you killed two noob ships and a shuttle for a total of 500k ISK in damage and lost a whooping 6.19b ISK. That is a win/lose ratio of 12380:1 . If that is not ENTIRELY red I don’t know what is.

Speak for yourself! For you they may not add content, but for me and many many others they do. I think killmails and the community built killboards are one of the greatest things about EVE


You definitely can’t use it to stroke your ego