Hot or Not for Killmails

(Ben Ishikela) #1


here is a quick idea i had when studying addiction mechanix.

Add a Vote button to ingame Killmails.
Reveal the average of past votes directly after the vote.
Add a button to display a randomly other killmail chosen of the last week and the same constellation.

There you have it: The Like- and the social-feedback-loop and the addiction-button.

(Daichi Yamato) #2

My god that would be addictive, and might raise the profile of some interesting kills.

(Saeger1737) #3

This might create legends with killmails

(Brandon Hekki) #4

The making of a meme

(Sonya Corvinus) #5

Killmails need to go away completely. All they do is keep people from fighting. Most people refuse to engage unless they know they can win, which is terrible. The most fun fights are when you say “screw it” and go anyway, knowing there’s a good chance you will die horribly.

(Este DeStirr) #6

This might actually get people fighting if they think their Km might go “viral” if it’s bada**/crazy/ballsy/stupid enough.

(Marika Sunji) #7

I fail to see how that’s in any way, shape or form unnatural or illogical. It’s just common sense to back off when you know you have no chance of winning.

Also, killmails are in no way a detriment to the fighting, player mentality is. Do you think that if Squizz suddenly closed Zkill tomorrow Random Miner #1562 would suddenly start throwing his Retriever at roaming gangs? I think not. In other words, I am not convinced that people who use killmails as reason to not fight would become any more warlike should those be removed.

On topic: Sounds like a neat little incentive, +1.

(Daichi Yamato) #8

I like killboards but I disagree.

In my personal experience most players try to maximise stats/scores/rankings. So any tracker gives an incentive to players to avoid unfavourable contest. (tracking k/d ratio encourages some fps players to camp in quiet spots rather than work with the team).

If we didn’t track any stats at all, people would be ignorant of ‘green killboards’. We also know people would have no reason to ‘whore’ on mails.

They also wouldn’t be able to gather intel on eachother, which might be interesting.

(Nevyn Auscent) #9

The problem is that it’s not ‘no chance of winning so I won’t engage’.
It’s ‘I only engage if I believe there is no chance of losing’.

EVE needs fuzzier intel in general on that sort of thing to make more ‘whoops, this is actually a close fight and I could lose it if I’m not perfect in my piloting’ moments. And Killboards are one of those tools that remove the fuzziness from intel.

(Frostys Virpio) #10

You think people will take more risk if there is a bigger chance their losses will be seen by the whole community?

Are we playing the same game?

(Sonya Corvinus) #11

you literally just contradicted yourself. It isn’t common sense to back off if you have no chance of winning. This is a game. The goal is to have fun. It’s incredibly fun to go down in a blaze of glory. Why are you afraid to do that, outside of your killboard turning a little red?

Yes, I think if stats were only public for a limited time we wouldn’t have corps so terrified of a loss that they require certain killboard ratios in recruitment (a very carebear way to play…) and we would have a lot more people actually enjoying the game instead of ship spinning until a scout finds the ‘perfect fight’

(Este DeStirr) #12

Sure I think there are people who don’t care for killboard stats, have fun flying and would love to yolo into infamy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Marika Sunji) #13

[citation needed]
The main reason people play competitive games is, y’know, winning. It’s kind of in the name, that you are supposed to compete

Please note that I am not talking about overcoming seemingly-hopeless odds or anything like that. I am stating that it is common sense to back off from a fight you literally cannot win. For example, assume you wanted to PvP in a slicer. You jump a gate into Tribute and on the other side you see The Great Sea of Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II as well as two Nyxes. Obviously, you have to take the fight because anything else is ‘being terrified of a loss.’ Right?

Also, killboards are third-party websites in EVE. They are also 100% voluntary. As long as kill stats are available via API for even an instant, they can be scraped and re-hosted on a separate website, you know, kinda like it happens today. So there’s no middle way here - you either completely remove API kill verification or you don’t do anything.

P.S. What exactly strikes you as ‘risk averse’ about my killboard? Or did you accuse me without any proof whatsoever?

(Sonya Corvinus) #14

No, people play to have fun. This isn’t a job, its a video game. If you are doing something to win, why not put that effort in ‘winning’ into something IRL where you can get a real reward like money?

Repeat after me, this is just a game. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously if they run from a fight just because there’s a chance they could lose. Relax and play the game.

Dying in a blaze when you took on 15 people solo is competitive though, and is very satisfying.

(Frostys Virpio) #15

There are indeed people who just YOLO but they aren’t the majority or even close to it.

(Frostys Virpio) #16

There are people like you who don’t care but that’s not the reality of a lot of EVE players. If you EVE goal is to get into fights constantly, then it works but if you are in for strategic objectives for example, then any fights you take where you had low chances of winning is essentially wasted in-game resources and wasted time. You can’t have a “on way fit it all” in a game as open ended as EVE is. You will always have risk averse people, strategically minded people, reckless people and my other different behavior.

(Pestilen Ratte) #17

We had a guy i our corp one time who would always say “Killboards is for faags.” and I was always like, “Dude! that is so homophobic and intolerant!” and then this guy would just say it again.

It was awful.