Add Killmarks and Skin used to killmails

While we are messing with the UI, could we please add both of the following to killmails:

  1. Killmarks of the ship that was killed - Would be a good discussion point on kills and another way for players to highlight and show off their PvP skills

  2. Skin of the ship killed - bonus points if you can change the icon, if not a link to the 3D view would be nice. It’s cool if I can buy that skin too from the link.




Also when we’re at it may also add criminal and/or suspect flags to killmails as well. At least on zkill you can already see if there was a war in place which resulted in the kill, it would give a wider understanding of the story behind the killmail if criminal / suspect flag is also mentioned. May even add duel or at least limited engagement flag to the mix as well for even more clarity.

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