QOL improvement idea re: killmarks

Hey all. Just had an idea for a minor feature improvement for the game. It should be easier to see at a glance how many killmarks your ships have without having to board them to physically see them on the ship. Some kind of info on the hover or the icon itself in your hangar, or at least something in the info window for the fitted ship. Wasn’t sure where to post this so I hope this is the right place. It’d be cool if it gave a list of all the actual killmails for the ships it blew up too.

Would a holographic ring of rotating killmarks suffice?

I like that kill marks are nothing more than marks on the hull of my ship, a small easter egg with no meaning or tracking. A minor unconsequential detail, easily missed, but fun when you find out that your hull is showing some of those marks.

Any further additions on kill marks would detract from this, I fear.

Kill marks are fun for the explorer-type players, as well as killers. For the other two types of players, the socialisers and achievers, kill marks do very little right now.

Kill marks allow explorer-type players to:

  • stumble upon this nice detail
  • search for the location of these killmarks hidden on each hull

And for the killer-type players it:

  • gives a challenge for killers to kill many players without losing their ship

Your suggestion to make it easier to see or track, or to keep track of the killmails of killed ships does not seem beneficial to either of these groups. In fact, it would even remove the first two points and remove kill marks as something meant for explorer-type players, because as result of your suggestion the value would be in plain sight on the UI and all sense of ‘exploring’ would be gone.

Your suggestion seems to be aimed at giving kill marks to achiever-type players rather than explorer-type players. Keeping better and easier track of your achievements and knowing the kill marks of ships you killed seems to be something that an achiever wants to get.

However, kill marks have a big flaw that makes them kind of useless to achievers: the’re easily cheated.

As EVE allows you to kill any alt or cooperating friend in frigates to get kill marks, your number of kill marks means nothing more than sentimental value. It has no value and you cannot achieve anything with having a high number of kill marks, not even bragging rights. Due to how EVE works this won’t easily be changed.

Even though they’re easily cheated, an explorer still can have fun finding them. And a killer who is trying to get as many kill marks as they can before losing the ship would be playing by their own rules against themselves and would only be cheating themselves if they kill their alts, so these types of players can also enjoy kill marks.

I think kill marks are fine as they are as an easily missed fun detail.


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