Ships with Killmarks - place for market?

Hey, just wanted to know

If there is palce for the market of ships with killmarks.

These are quite unique items, more marks - higher the price.

What do you think?

I think that it just depends really, in my personal opinion there is no value in a kill mark that you did not earn yourself. I get that people can brag about how they have a few hundred kill mark ship, but whenever anyone looks at your kill board they will be able to tell that you did not earn them. I would say the few exceptions might be rare ships like AT ships, however it all goes back to the same thing, if you didn’t earn it then it means nothing.

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This topic is not about the earning them - this is a separate question and I would like to avoid discussing it there.

My idea is in marketing the ships, with these marks. You can’t paint them by yourself, like these skins.

I get what you are asking, my point is that the value behind a kill mark is to show off how good you are. So flying around with someone else’s kill marks in my opinion means nothing. It is not something that allot of pilots even look at or care about because most pilots die frequently. The only ships with high kill marks I could see investing higher values into would be possibly rare ships as mentioned above or a ship from a popular streamer where a fan could own a piece of memorabilia.

What’s to stop me from killing an alt 1000 times and selling the ship for a premium?

Well, that is just one opinion about value behind those marks.
Other people may have different opinions.
Same as skins, but more unique.

Eh. They are so hard to see on the ship. No way as noticeable as skins are. No real value in my opinion.

The only exception I could think of is an AT ship

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Doubtful you’d have any takers. It’s stupid easy to farm out killmails if someone REALLY wanted them. Its why corpses often have higher value than the killmarks that preceded them. For example, who cares if you killed @CCP_Avalon’s ibis, but if you podded him and has his corpse? You could sell it for quite a bit.

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