WTS Killmarked Anything

(not sure if this is allowed)

I can create an alt who kills another alt’s frigates.

I would create alts for this so I would charge the skill injector price for the driving of the ship, and the price of two Omegas for my two alts.

I would charge 5x the price of the ship, and 10mil per killmark.

The skill injectors and the two omegas are pay up front, and 2x price of ship. 10mil per kill mark and the other 3x price of ship you pay after the trade.

Post in this thread with an alt if interested. (don’t contact me in game because obviously this is an alt)

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Get help.

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No U.

So to recreate my Loki with 360 marks i’d have to pay 4,4b+the injectors? That seems excessive.

Killmarks get their value because of personal achievements, anyone can kill his alt in a 0,2mil frigate.

Maybe offer to get killed by the client repeatedly, interesting for people that want to brag or have a cooler pve ship, but don’t have alts.

Well, that’s a brilliant idea. But then 1. I’ll have to make older alts to make the kills look realistic. And 2. I’ll have to get them into some known corps also to make the kills look more realistic.

So it would bling up their kb, yes, but would cost ~500 mil per unique character (you can kill them for as long as they don’t get kicked for the sake of real killboards), and probably 100 mil per month of actually maintaining those chars so THEIR killboards look nice (if they’re supposed to look like expert PVPers) and they look skilled and not bought (and also maintaining basic activity in those chars).

(of course, then you can pull off a “strategic move” to kill several blinged out goonswarm/fraternity/anything ratting Gilas in a hecate or something)

Yeah, but it’s a very boring task. You’d be better off with someone who wastes his time for isk.


Yeah, but then who said you’d be capped at 360? Get 1000! More shine/collector’s item for you, more isk for me!

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