WTS - UNIQ Account - 326M SP - ALL PVP! - Perfect Subcap - ALL Ships at Lvl5

326M SP (All PVP!)
1.8M SP unallocated
Everything and anything subcap at level5.
Decent Supercap skills
2005 Char
Positive Wallet
No kill-rights
Super good standings for Caldari/Ammar
6 Jump Clones (worth 5B+ each)
3 Bonus Remaps
located in high sec (Jita)
4.8 Security Status
Some super nice skins
Decent killboard
Will pay transfer fees

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Sweet character, just wondering why the dread and titan 5’s but no capital gun skills to really speak of?

Might be worth hinting at the minimum amount you’re willing to accept. otherwise I guarantee you’ll get extraction value as an initial bid.

Not bidding, just to say: Holy Crap. Are you the highest SP player in Eve??

200b offer

@Cynosural_Angst, you are right, they are being learned as we speak (+5 implants + expert cerebral accel)
As I said, it’s a perfect subcap and the supercap skills are in the process of getting all to lvl5.
@Selene_Astera thank you! Probably
@Legit_Salesgirl , it’s a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not the highest even if you exclude injected characters.
Besides, ironbank speed ran Eve skilling in like 20 minutes from 0 to max sp

This is a real account though…years and years of dedication went into this. That’s a pretty cool character even without being the top top acc!

To get to 325M SP you would need
5m (base) > 50m = 112 skill injectors
50m > 80m = 100 skill injectors
80m > 325m = 1633 skill injectors
total skill injectors = 1845 X 650M (average price) = 1.2T ISK
Also, you have to take into account the price of the skills (and it’s a lot!) + jump clones + standing (they are not worth a lot but it takes a ton to get where this char is atm).
Of course, it’s not worth that much if you plan to strip it for skill injectors.
It’s like you are saying a Ferrari GTO 250 it’s not worth how much it’s selling.

@Selene_Astera Thank you for appreciating my years of work on this character.

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I know how much it would be. People have done that.

I’d say this is worth about 250 -260b. Maybe a little more

i don’t even think anyone has enough liquid isk to buy this character and those who do probably are using it for other more unimaginable stuff like buying more keepstars to drop in Goons face XD

Finding people with 100’s of billions isn’t hard mate.


awsome toon what you said
about 1.2T isk in injectors is right
you char is worth the price your asking !:smiley:

Bump, last day, to get a real offer for this account.

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